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    Rai Vashti's Character Sheet

    Rai Vashti's Character Sheet  Empty Rai Vashti's Character Sheet

    Post by Rai Vashti(Tatsu) on Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:37 pm

    Rai Vashti's Character Sheet  XN9fL5h
    Character Template

    Character Name:  Rai Vashti
    Nicknames/Alias: Flame Emperor / Crimson Purgatory  
    Gender + Sexuality: Male/ Straight
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Before the others stood a man, not to tall but neither short. His crimson hair, spiked back, kept its shape while it flowed through the wind. He stood wearing his most common outfit, which consisted of his black undershirt, his white polo, and his black jacket. His tight shirt revealed a well toned body, one thought to be trained and maintained through constant and intense workouts. His crimsons eyes gave off a solemn and calm glare, piercing through whoever they made contact with. His posture and walk exuded the confidence and ambition the man had, never wavering before whatever stood before him.
    Special Characteristics: Crimson glow eyes; Tattoo- Crimson colored flame(background) with a golden crown(Foreground) on the center of his back.

    A young and ambitious man, Rai aims to stand above all and rule all. Unlike most people, who would rather gain the right to rule through birthrights or through the legal system, Rai would rather use his own skill and assets to gain what his rightful throne. That would not be to say he would never use such primitive ideals or actions, but only when it would truly suit his selfish needs. It is with this mindset that governs Rai's entirety, the need to fulfill ones needs at any and all costs. With all this said, this does not mean that he is an outright murderer or psychopath, just a man with a mission who will complete it.

    Now when it comes to a social standpoint, he is in fact very negotiable and friendly. He needs people to serve him and to aid him, so why would he not. He would even go so far as helping the local guilds in community service or against other evil guilds. And on the other hand, and another day, if an evil crime syndicate needed his assistance, he would help them if it furthered his agenda. He is pretty straight forward and a normal person, just with some motivation.

    Now when it comes to combat is when there is no doubting where he stands on the spectrum. He attacks and moves with little to no care for the opposing forces life or well-being, for if he was forced to fight, it means their life is null and void to him anyways. He talks very little while fighting, leaving his actions and movement to be his communication. The only exception to someone living against him in an all out brawl, is like most thing he does, is if they are useful to him at some point or time. Rai, in all honesty, just wants to gain his ultimatum.

    Alignment: Neutral/Evil
    Faction; Country: Watcher/ Lemnos
    Extra: Demon/Daemon/Devil (whatevs you care to call it)

    Rai Vashti's Character Sheet  Hh6GHn1

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    Rai Vashti's Character Sheet  Empty Re: Rai Vashti's Character Sheet

    Post by Ami~ on Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:06 pm


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