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    Ami's Disorganized Character Sheet & Vault


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    Ami's Disorganized Character Sheet & Vault

    Post by Ami~ on Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:37 am

    Ami Nyx:

    Name: Ami Nyx
    Nickname/Alias: The Crimson Angel
    Gender: Female
    Age: Ageless
    Birthday: February 8th
    Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Race: Monster
    A Monster isn’t exactly what the name entitles them to be. But rather a sort of being that is made from Ethernano, similar to Etherious demons however rather than being artificially made via Living Magic, Monsters are naturally made. When a monster dies, rather than having a corpse left behind their body will turn to dust. Ami is a special sub-category of a Monster known as a Boss Monster. A Boss monster only have two qualities that differs them from regular monsters. When they die, their soul, a white colored heart will linger for a few seconds before they shatter and move onto the next life. The second is that a Boss monster only will age when they have offspring for their life force will flow into the offspring causing them to age.

    Personality: Ami is a complex entity. Often she is indifferent towards the world, she doesn't care much about what happens to the world around her so long as she and the ones she cares about is safe. Along with her apathetic attitude, often she is very phlegmatic, as she almost never gets angry and when she does, often she keeps it to herself so that her anger can be fueled even more. Despite her indifference of the world, Ami could be described more of an optimist since often she focuses on the good of the world rather than the bad. She is unscrupulous as she often lies and her actions tend to benefit only herself and the ones she cares about. However she is controlled, she thinks every action out thoroughly and is deliberate in whatever she does. Her actions are always cautious, since she knows what goes around comes around, and she wants to minimize the consequences of her actions. However, Ami can also be bold as well, but not brash. She does seem to fear anything, despite the fact she does has fears. If she is scared however, she tends to keep it to herself for she believes fear is a sign of weakness which her enemy can exploit.

    When presented with new situations however, Ami tends to adapt as quickly as she possibly can or at least pretend to so she looks professional and make it seem like she knows what she is doing. When it comes to revenge, she isn't exactly for taking revenge on another individual however she is also not against it either. Her sense of humor is quite dry, often people even consider that she doesn't even have a sense of humor. Ami although she isn't an extrovert she is also not an introvert but rather in the middle of the spectrum. Similar to this, Ami although she doesn't forgive and forget, also isn't someone who will gleefully take revenge. She tends to forgive, but she will never forget. Often when she talks, she has a quirky, yet somewhat meaningful quality to how she speaks. In a sense, Ami can even be considered to be a very wise individual despite her claiming she isn't. She also isn't dumb, as she only follows orders from two people: her guildmaster Alice and herself.

    In combat, Ami is extremely passionate and will hold nothing back at her enemy unless they are much less stronger than she is since she wants to at least give them a semi-fair fight. However, Ami tends to take things the quicker way rather than the slower way since she tends to think fights as a waste of her time when she could be using her power and magic for something much more useful and meaningful than simply fighting. Ami has a fatal flaw in combat, she cannot kill another being. Even if she tries to, something deep within her soul whether its just forgiveness or compassion prevents her from taking the life of another being. Ami can be described as a technical pacifist with that flaw. However she should not be underestimated still, for if the situation calls for it, she can be a strong fighter.


    1. Food: Ami often enjoys food because it keeps her mouth busy plus she love the taste it leaves
    2. Reading: Ami's joy and passion, reading is one of her favorite hobbies since it introduces a world that can be painted within her mind.
    3. Music: She loves music since its a symphony of beautiful sounds that relives stress and pain from her


    1. Dust: Although she knows that her race is the only race that turns into dust when they die, Ami is always reminded of death when she sees a pile of dust bunnies
    2. Darkness: After being surrounded by darkness for what can be thousands of years, Ami has grown weary to that blackness and frankly hates it at this point
    3. Bees?: Ami dislikes bees since they're annoying and hurt when the sting since they have poison in the tip if their tail


    1. Imprisonment: Ami fears the loss of her freedom, to be cooped up in a small dark space. She'd rather die than be imprisoned
    2. Genocide: Ami fears genocide, an entire race that will be erased by the hands of a serial killer since she doesn't want innocents to die.
    3. End of the World: Ami is scared of the end of the world, since she heard rumors about a world being destoryed which is something she wants to prevent


    1. Freeing her Race: Ami wants to free her race, monsters from the Underground, an alternate realm in which they have been trapped in for eons
    2. Save the world: Ami had heard of a legend where the world was destroyed in a disaster. She wants to prevent that from happening
    3. Serving her guild: Ami had sworn allegiance towards Caduceus Scale, she wants to do her best to serve it

    Hair: White
    Eyes: Red
    Skin: Pale
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 119lbs
    Special Characteristics: She has a red design upon her forehead, an old tattoo she got when she lived in her old home. A pair of white wolf-esque type of ears sprout from her head, she also has a tail that is a full meter in length, however she can also retract despite the fact it does absolutely nothing.

    Guild: A
    Guild Mark Location: Right ankle
    Guild Mark Color: Crimson
    Rank: Caduceus Scale
    Magic WIP:
    Current Items:
    B Rank Pet
    Armor Pack A Rank (x3)
    10% WC Ticket

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