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    Tatsumi Yamato [Character Sheet]

    Tatsumi Yamato [Character Sheet] Empty Tatsumi Yamato [Character Sheet]

    Post by Rai Vashti(Tatsu) on Sat Dec 24, 2016 9:59 am

    Character Template

    Character Name:  Tatsumi Yamato
    Nicknames/Alias: None, yet.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Appearance: Tatsumi looks to be of a very average build with his clothes on. These contain an assortment of different jackets, whether it be is long khaki trench coat to his white overcoat with blue hoodie combo. The regular shirt worn tends to be nothing of any particular, whether it be a tight black mesh shirt or a regular t-shirt of varying colors. His outfit is finished off with either his black or brown pants with black combat boots. Though his outfit would leave you to believe he is average, is actual build is that of a toned and trained athletic build due to his use of a Holder item rather than Caster Magic.
    Special Characteristics: Red (demon looking) right eye.

    Personality: Tatsumi is a very very straight-forward person and sadly somewhat of a common trope, or so he thinks. He tries his best to act like the knight in white shining armor around those who do not know him, and to be honest, he does it around those he IS close to too. He tries to act like he is stronger than he really is and even when he is proven horribly wrong, either by a test or show of strength or just a straight up beat-down, he tends to act like he was not even trying. He also tends to be a bit of a ditzy when it comes to more social etiquette, usually going a bit too over board on the niceties and courtesies, making them look like jokes.

    Even with all these slight flaws he has, he tends to have a very kind heart and the right intentions. He tends to try to make friends with people, rather than going straight for the 'your probably a jerk, and I hate you' route. Even deeper with his friendships, he tends to let people get close to him rather quickly, for better or for worst. His overall nature is with good intent and just sometimes says or does the wrong things at times.

    When it comes to combat though is where is varies, and tends to have completely polar opposites depending on the situation.When it comes to just a standard sparring match, with say a comrade or friend, he tends to keep his happy tone often complimenting them on their technique or last maneuver. He rarely keeps grudges in these matches and tends to not take them seriously even though he most likely should at times. He does tend to make more mistakes when in a for-fun-match than he would normally, causing him to look more like an idiot than he actually is. He just likes to have fun and to do new things, and to help others improve their own game at the same time.

    Now, with the aforementioned 'polar opposite' is when he comes into contact with a hostile group member or the target of a mission. At this point, he would most likely already have knowledge of what he would be coming into contact with and would change almost instantly. Tatsumi becomes quite cold to his surrounding, looking to have the focus of a hunting dog and the metaphorical senses of a prowling tiger. He tends to turn into more of a hunter, looking for his prey rather than his normal care-free self. Tatsumi also starts to be more aware of his allies, keeping track of almost their every movement to ensure their safety, more so over his own. In the end, he turns into a more serious and focused member of the team, trying his best to coordinate with them and to help them survive.

    When it comes to Andel being part of a team or leading a team, he tends to not differ from his usual pieces of personality, still trying to keep them all at the most safest part of the group and using his skills to the utmost advantage. He is still as careful as he can be and still like to plan as much as he can before engagements.
    Alignment: Lawful/Neutral
    Faction: Watcher
    Extra: N/A

    Tatsumi Yamato [Character Sheet] Hh6GHn1

    Tatsumi Yamato [Character Sheet] Empty Re: Tatsumi Yamato [Character Sheet]

    Post by Rai Vashti(Tatsu) on Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:01 am

    Bumping for the checks

    Tatsumi Yamato [Character Sheet] Hh6GHn1

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    Tatsumi Yamato [Character Sheet] Empty Re: Tatsumi Yamato [Character Sheet]

    Post by Ami~ on Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:20 am

    Looks good, congrats on being the first approved character of the site :D

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    Tatsumi Yamato [Character Sheet] Empty Re: Tatsumi Yamato [Character Sheet]

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