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    Kaido Kannagi (WIP)


    Kaido Kannagi (WIP)

    Post by Kaido Kannagi on Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:12 pm

    Character Template

    Character Name:  Kaido Kannagi
    Nicknames/Alias: Black hand/Greed
    Gender + Sexuality: Male/Straight
    Age: 26 years old.
    Appearance: Kaido is a rather tall man standing at six feet and three inches tall, his build is rather athletically lean and would be considered to be in great shape for both his age and height. His skin complexion is very fair, he has lighter colored skin but upon further inspection it has the utmost slightest tint of brown in it though it is hardly noticeable at all. Kaido's hair hands down both over his face, usually his right eye as well as being tied into a pony tail on the back of his head which reaches down to his mid back, despite having longer hair it doesn't give him a feminine appearance to him at all. Kaido has crimson-red eyes and an almost permanent scowl on his face, he's always annoyed with or mad at something generally. Being apart of a gang since he was a child one would think that he would have many scars and bruises on his body though his body has no blemishes what so ever on it aside from his two tattoos, this is because of the usefulness of his magic.
    Special Characteristics: Kaido has only but two tattoo's, the first of which being a black hand print on his right shoulder which signifies his induction into the Black Hand gang and the second being an Ouroboros tattoo on the backside of his left hand.
    Personality: (Tell me about your character in detail. Describe your character’s character traits. What does your character strive towards and why? Why do they react a certain way? Explain. Must be at least 300 words long.)  
    Alignment: Chaotic neutral
    Faction; Country: Guardian/Lives in Metro city but has no allegiance to his country/Outlaw
    Extra: Kaido is a BAMF. *cough*/ Current leader of the Black hand gang of Metro City.

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