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    Spirit Magic


    Spirit Magic

    Post by Jace Starling on Sat Jul 23, 2016 11:48 pm

    Magic Template

    Basic Info

    Magic Name Here: Spirit Type: Beast (Fox/Wolf/Lynx-Current Spirit Magic that Xain would have accese to, more can be added later hopefully)
    Type: Holder(I belive
    Element Here: Summoning
    Primary/Secondary: Primary

    How It Works

    Description: Spirit Type: Fox is a Illusion magic that is primarily used by the Kitsune tribes as a way to protect the tribe, using the fox spirits that lay asleep in there masks to come out and fight. the Spirit Type Magic is mainly used for protection, and the spirits have to agree to the users intentions in order to use the masks for this magic. It usually shows the spirits swirling around the user when he/she uses it. Spirit type users make a vow with the spirits to protect there masks. Spirit Masks can be made by a Spirit Type user, if they had a bond with the spirit before hand, (as in had a animal that they where attached to, could make a mask for the spirit) and can then use it. Can also use it on Noble animals(Beast type only). Spirits may also choose after being bound to a mask where they reside(tatoos, items, or the mask it self).
    Strengths: the strengths are the ability to communicate with the spirits. They will also protect the caster at all costs. Uses minimal mental strain when used by some one trained to do so. Can be used to scout areas easily.
    Weaknesses: Can take Years to make a bond with a spirit. Spirit masks if broken will harm set the spirits free, and the spirits will go after the one who broke it and failed to protect it, in till either sealed, or destroyed. Spirits can take form of a persons worst fear.
    Magic Perks: 1 Magical Perk.

    Edit: I edited the Description a bit to add more detail.

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