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    The Hooded Celestial Spirit (Open to One)



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    The Hooded Celestial Spirit (Open to One)

    Post by Arkz on Sun May 22, 2016 6:25 pm

    The Hooded Celestial Spirit walked into town his upper half of his face covered in shadows thanks to his hood and, his Silver Celestial Spirit Key tied around his neck with a string most people would probably mistake him for a Celestial Spirit Wizard. The hooded mans eyes scanned the area he had a tired frown on his face he was exhausted he wanted to find a place to nap soon he has been travelling on foot quite a lot since he didn't take public transportation to much. The Ageless being looked around it had been a long time since he had been to Crocus, and it seems things has changed quite a bit the last time he was here was around 150-200 years ago. Then again he could barely remember the last time he was here just the timeframe of the last time he was here to this town. Arkz smiled a tired smile thankfully Crocus was as peaceful as ever, but he couldn't tell if any Celestial Spirit Wizards were in town time to explore, and if it ended up in failure like it usually did then it was time for a nap.


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    Re: The Hooded Celestial Spirit (Open to One)

    Post by Sin on Wed May 25, 2016 4:47 am

    There she was again, her favorite state in her own home town of Crocus sitting upon the same mundane contraption that was suppose to grant freedom to those like herself. Had there been a strength and ability to move both arms it might have been a successful invention but here she was. Worse yet it seemed her own servants dispersed upon the market place, all of them deciding that they would make her life easier without taking into thought their mistress. Sin sat among the crowds parked by a bench in the middle of the road, her prosthetic arm strapped in by the arm rest and the other desperately dangling down to one of the wheel as she continued to curse this torture device to drive those with one arm insane.

    As she grabbed the rim of the wheel and slid down she began her pivot around in a circle she growled and cursed as she did. Soon her leg smashed into the bench. Grateful that it was her prosthetic as she hung her head and now moved her arm to help maneuver her other hand down onto the other wheel in a way she could actually rotate that. “Come on you stupid piece of junk,” muttering softly.


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    Re: The Hooded Celestial Spirit (Open to One)

    Post by Arkz on Wed May 25, 2016 11:36 am

    The Ageless being sighed looking around he was lost the city had grown quite big in the last coupled of hundred years he was gone. His purple eyes examined the area he saw a woman in a wheelchair he walked over to her it looked like something might be wrong. "Excuse me Miss are you ok?" the hooded individual asked the woman. The Celestial Spirt looked at the woman she had a very regal feeling to her was she royalty, but she wasn't maybe more of an Aristocratic lady considering she wasn't being protected by a bunch of Royal Guards. Arkz waited for the young ladies reply he didn't want to help her if she didn't want any that would be very rude to do so.

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    Re: The Hooded Celestial Spirit (Open to One)

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