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    Pygmy Rabbit Information


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    Pygmy Rabbit Information

    Post by Arya on Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:08 am

    You approach the small building in the center of town, looking almost homely amongst the grand buildings of Crocus. Above the doorway lies a symbol quite easily recognizable: It’s Pygmy Rabbit, a light guild situated in the beautiful city of Crocus. As you enter the small guild hall, you take in the sites; it looks similar to a pub on the inside, with tables strewn about in a haphazard manner. The entire inner walls of the guild look like an old library, with shelves of books upon books going as high up as the ceiling. Straight down the aisle from the door is a bar, with a young man tending it. He flashed you a smile, and nods to the left of him. You see stairs in the place he nodded, and you can tell her wants you to go up to the second floor. You climb the stairs like he asks, and there, you see a nice little seating area, with a couple couches and a fire place. Sitting in one of them is a small, slight girl with neat blonde hair tucked behind her ears. You wonder why you were asked to come up here, and as you do she looks up from her book, a smile dancing on her face. "You must be the new member interested in joining, correct?" She asked, her voice elegant and sincere. Surprised, you give a nod, and she pats the chair beside her. "Well, come sit down for a moment. My name is Arya Artis, and I'm the Guildmaster of Pygmy Rabbit." This startles you; surely one so young couldn't be in such an influential position. She ignores your shock and continues. "Before we can see if you are ready to join the guild, however..." She murmurs, standing up and grabbing an old book from one of the shelves. "You must know where we came from."

    Four years ago, there was a man named Nico Elcombre, who was one of the strongest wizards in Fiore. An L-Rank wizard, he was legendary to the people around him as a vigilante, taking care of those in need and stopping criminals who dared interfere in the lives of citizens. He mostly served as a mercenary, taking care of odd jobs around Fiore for a relatively low cost, making him a hero in the eyes of the public. Elcombre was a visionary; he saw a world without violence, where citizens could leave their doors unlocked at night without fear. He saw a world of peace. Approximately three years ago, Elcombre began a journey around Fiore, searching for like-minded individuals. In his travels, he found three; one who fought for justice, one who fought for redemption, and one who fought for revenge. Their names were Lukas, Mitama Lindie, and Arya Artis respectively. Lukas was a light magic specialist, focusing on healing magic; Mitama was a Take Over mage, though her type of take over has been lost to time; Arya had no magic, but used her small stature to scout and help out the group, as well as her trusty sword. They travelled the world over, from Crocus to Alverez, having merry adventures and helping out those in need. After only three months, they were closer knit than a wool sweater.

    It was two years ago that the dark guild of Crimson Locust began a siege on Crocus with their seemingly endless army, having come from a province to the north of Fiore where dark guilds ruled all. The Royal Guard was quickly cut down, and all seemed lost for the country. But these four heroes entered the palace and singlehandedly stopped an entire platoon of soldiers, allowing time for the other light guilds to arrive and turn the tide for the side of Light. This didn't come without a cost, however, as Mitama died in the crossfire, much to the shock of her friends. It was because of their actions and Mitama's sacrifice that the monarchy was saved, and the Royal Council granted them one request. Nico, ever the optimist, asked for a guild to be established in the city, one dedicated to preserve peace and welfare for the citizens. This was granted, and the guild of Pygmy Rabbit was established. The name was decided by Elcombre, who wanted the guild name to show that even small (pygmy) and weak (rabbit) things can do great things. In order to best represent this, however, he nominated Arya Artis as Guildmaster after only a few days in the position himself, despite her not knowing any magic. She reluctantly accepted, but nominated him as as her Auxillary, and began studying lost magic in order to better serve the guild. Lukas, who had been in love with Mitama, left the guild a few weeks later, seeking to "find" himself. He hasn't been seen since.

    Arya dealt with the duties of being Guildmaster for over a year, learning Maguilty Sense and becoming a powerful wizard, while Nico continued doing what he loved best: helping others. Only recently, however, Nico was ganged up on by several dark mages, who managed to beat and murder him, sending his head back to the guild in a banged up old box. Now Arya, mentorless and the only one left of her entire group, must face this challenge head-on; for all their sakes.

    Pygmy Rabbit is a light guild, and a straight-laced one at that, which makes them subject to the laws of Fiore, as well as the influence of the magic council. This means they are required to come to the aid of the stare in times of crisis, as well as abide by their rulings. Pygmy Rabbit also has several rules unique to the guild and enforced by the guild; anyone caught breaking one of these rules may be subject to a temporary ban from the guild, or perhaps even expulsion if the infraction is severe enough or repeated several times.

    1. Pygmy Rabbit exists to protect and serve the citizens of Fiore. You as a wizard of the guild will go out of your way to help and protect citizens in need, even at risk of your life.
    2. Your first loyalties are to Pygmy Rabbit above all else; anyone caught betraying the guild, directly or indirectly, will be subject to expulsion from the guild.
    3. Members of Pygmy Rabbit do not seek out violence; it is only to be used as a last resort.
    4. Pygmy Rabbit is a light guild; anyone caught committing crimes of any kind while a member of the guild will not find refuge here.
    5. The Elected Guildmaster's word is law; any who disobey a direct order from her will be subject to expulsion.
    6. While on occasion someone must part from the guild, they will always be welcomed back with open arms.
    7. You will not disrespect your fellow guildmates; we're a team through and through, and we'll always have each other's backs.

    Guildmaster: The Guildmaster is the head of the entire operation of the guild, and is the top authority within it's walls. They are typically one of the strongest mages in the guild and perhaps all of Fiore, and their word is law for anyone inside the guild. They make most guild-wide decisions, and can create treaties with other guilds. Must be A-Rank+.

    Auxiliary: The second-in-command, the Auxiliary deals with all the smaller issues the GM might not have time for, such as disputes between members and guild paperwork. They are also typically one of the strongest mages in the guild, and hold authority of the Guildmaster should ever be absent. Must be B-Rank+.

    Mentors: Senior members of the guild, these are people with lots of experience behind them. They typically have a lot of weight when it comes to decisions, and can influence the Guildmaster's judgement quite severely. May be assigned to an apprentice to teach the ups and downs of the guild. Must be S-Rank+.

    Comrades: Standard members of the guild, these people are more focused on the protection and safety of the citizens of Fiore, as well as the completion of jobs for the guild. Must be C-Rank+.

    Sentinels: Members of the guild dedicated to the protection of the guild and it's members. They often are the first line of defence in raids, and are consulted on potential risks to the guild. Must be C-Rank+.

    Scouts: Members of the guild more oriented towards carrying out tasks for the Guildmaster, such as carrying messages and treaties between guilds and powers. Also used to scout enemy bases and troops. Must be C-Rank+.

    Healers: Members dedicated to the health of their guildmates, they spend lots of time healing wounds or diseases. Must be C-Rank+ and have magic capable of healing.

    Apprentices: The fledgeling members of the guild, these D-Ranks are treated with kindness and respect. They are traditionally weak, and may be assigned a mentor if they are struggling. Can become comrades, sentinels, scouts or healers.


    Arya Artis - A RANK




    Tracey Harper - B RANK


    Hiroko Trajada - A RANK

    Takashi Ikamashi - B RANK





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