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    Cait Shelter Information



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    Cait Shelter Information

    Post by Dangon on Sun Mar 13, 2016 2:07 pm

    Cait Shelter

    Cait Shelter Summary
    Cait Shelter was created as a haven for everyone and everything in the land surrounding the guild. It was created as a guild for people who have nowhere left to go. Cait Shelter is a place for new wizards to make a name for themselves as well as for criminals who want to redeem themselves from a dark past. Cait Shelter's main goal is protecting the world from the thriving chaos within it. Their principles are reflected in their actions, going so far as to help anyone within their town. Cait Shelter also is known for its Seasonal Fireworks Festivals, having one for each season.

    Cait Shelter resides in a small walled off area in Clover Town. It was built this way so that people don't get caught in the crossfire of wizards practicing their magic. The building itself is like a large castle, with gothic architecture. Even with its symbolic dichotomy from its purpose, it still seems to shine on any bright morning day. Even with its massive structure, it is still represented as a symbol for peace within Clover Town.

    Cait Shelter will have it's doors open to anyone who has no where to go.

    We here at Cait Shelter aren't alone.

    We are all friends at this Guild.

    Guild History
    Cait Shelter was created many years ago by the First Guild Master of Cait Shelter, they say that the Original Guild Hall was at Mount Hakobe. Though Many Records were lost of the First Generation Cait Shelter. Needless to say the Original Guild hall was destroyed, and the second Guild Master Placed her Guild in Clover and that is were it stands to this day. The Second Guild Master also created the Cait Shelter Seasonal Fireworks Festival. The Second Guild Master disappeared without telling anyone about what happened to the First Generation Guild. The Third Guild Master made the Guild Very quiet and wouldn't let Guild members to take quests, so he could protect them. The Third Guild Master to look for what happened to the First Guild Master and the Second Guild Master left leaving his grandson to be the Fourth Guild Master, The Fourth Guild Master was sickly so he didn't fight much but he had a long life. The Fourth Guild Master introduced the position system so people, and let Guild Members have the Freedom to go on quests when they want. The Fourth Guild Master passed away in his sleep, not being abled to find out about the First Generation of Cait Shelter. The Fifth Master was a Powerful Warrior woman who was only Guild Master for twenty years before retiring, they say she slew a Dragon but is unknown if that is true not. The Fifth Guild Master is the one who also introduced the rule of letting people with criminal past join the Guild to redeem themselves and that they stop all criminal activity. The Sixth Guild Master was already Fifty years old when he became the Guild Master he traveled a lot many years passed after that the Guild was scene as weak because of the kind Sixth Guild Master. The Sixth Guild Master could see the Good in every person and animal, and just 5-6 years ago when he was travelling a Desert he found the future Seventh Guild Master the 13-14 years old Creed Dangon Beauregard he and The Sixth Guild Master and Creed became fast friends very quickly after their meeting. Just four months ago The Sixth Guild Master chose the Strange 19 year old man to be the next Guild Master.

    Cait Shelter Rules

    1. You must be chivalrous and just, protecting those weaker then you.

    2. All Guild Members must to participate in Cait Shelter's Seasonal Fireworks Festivals. There are one Fireworks Festival for each season.

    3. You can not hate your fellow Guild Mate because of their past. Cait Shelter has that name because it is a Shelter for Everyone, protecting them from the evils of their past.

    4. We must help allied Guilds in their time of need.

    5. If you leave the Guild you will always be able to return to the Guild if you wish.

    6. If any ex-Criminal joins the Cait Shelter Guild they must leave their criminal past behind. Anyone who continues to commit crime will be excommunicated and kicked out of the guild.

    7. No Killing is allowed. All criminals must be turned into local law enforcement, because everyone deserves a chance to reform.

    8. Lastly let's party as much as you can!

    Positions In Cait Shelter

    B rank and Above:

    Guild Master:The Master and Leader of Cait Shelter. As the rulers of their respective guilds, they have virtually complete authority over their subordinates, and, thus, can dictate their actions. Guild Masters are also tasked with maintaining amicable relationships between guilds in every province, something achieved through the various provincial leagues of Guild Masters, gathering from time to time in regular meetings, where Masters report about their guilds

    Right Hand: The Guild Ace of Cait Shelter Guild and Temporary Guild Master when the Guild Master is not present. This is generally the second strongest member of the guild. They have authority over everyone below them, and are generally seen carrying out the Guild Master's orders. Must be Guild Ace For Position.

    Left Hand: The Guild Master's assistant. They are generally a cut above the rest, and are seen as the "captain" of the lower ranked members of the guild during wartime. They are highly respected by the master, and are seen as 2 steps below the Guild Master. Must be B rank for position.

    C rank and Above:

    Diplomats: The diplomatic force of the guild. These members are people who are highly decorated, and are generally seen as the "face" of the guild. They are sent out to other guilds in times of need, as to assist as well as negotiate terms with these light guilds. Since these members are highly politicized and must be good in any situation, they are also tested, but in a different way.

    Seekers: The independent detective force of the guild. These members are usually incredibly inquisitive, and are seen as both the detectives as well as the recon team for the guild. They usually know everything there is about the guild, law, and the magic around them. They are generally referred to as the elite force of the guild. Must be tested to join.

    Wizards: These positions are generalist positions. Wizards are the C rank and above mages who just wish to help the guild out by any means necessary. They are seen doing pretty much anything within the guild.

    Shelter Guardians: These positions are mentor-based positions. Guardians are generally seen as the teachers of the guild, dedicated to the lower ranks. They are usually found teaching magic, or taking the lower ranks on jobs or requests.

    D rank:

    Messengers: Those who have magic that isn't combat oriented and are mostly accompanied by a Shelter Guardian, who generally teaches them the way of the guild, as well as train them to get stronger. D-Ranks only.

    Caits: Caits are the weakest members of the Guild who have combat-oriented magic. They are sometimes seen going on requests or jobs with either a Shelter Guardian, or other Caits.


    Guild Master [1/1]: Creed Dangon Beauregard
    Right Hand [1/1]: Axel Tengoku
    Left Hand [0/1]: N/A
    Diplomats [0/2]: N/A
    Seekers [0/2]:N/A
    Wizards [0/X]: N/A
    Shelter Guardians [0/X]: N/A
    Messengers[0/X]: N/A
    Caits[0/X]: N/A

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