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    Discovering the New (Open)



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    Discovering the New (Open)

    Post by Daemon on Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:03 pm

    Anytime someone enters a new city, the reaction nearly always seems to be the same. Gawk at the sights before going about their business. Daemon has never had that sort of problem. He actually rarely enters a city unless he has a specific need to go there. Today was no different than usual. Daemon's entire purpose for entering the city was to meet with an informant he had made years back that was suppose to have some knowledge on the whereabouts of some powerful magic artifacts. Daemon had thought it was going to take him a few days more to travel to the city than it actually had so his informant wasn't going to be at there meeting place for quite a while. That let him with some time he hadn't planned for on his hand. Time to himself. While not something he was particularly pleased about, it did mean that Daemon could replenish his supplies and have time to do some training before he's off traveling again.

    New Genesis was busy as ever with people swarming through the streets living their ordinary uneventful lives. It meant that Daemon would be surrounded by people as he collected supplies. People that would speak with him, smile and generally act like they care about him. It meant that he was going to have to do his best to emulate emotions back at them. The Sun stood high in its noon position, glaring his bright rays down on the heads of all the shop owners and their patrons. This was the kind of day that people appreciated, that made them even happier than normal. Daemon could already tell that this was going to be worst than normal with people that would normally leave the sullen guardian alone would feel like spreading their own joy to brighten up his day.

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