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    The Wendigo


    The Wendigo

    Post by Roland Gates on Wed Mar 30, 2016 10:07 am

    Name of Job: The Wendigo
    Rank of Job: B
    Repeatable: Until someone finishes "The Wendigo's End".
    Guild: Anyone may apply regardless of affiliation.
    Description: There has been reported sightings of what many has assumed to be new variation of the Vulcan species on Mount Hokabe near Magnolia Town. This "Vulcan" has proven to be highly vicious and will attack people on sight, there having been plenty of fatalities at the time i'm writing this. I for one believe that this "Vulcan" we're dealing with is in fact the fabled "Wendigo": a base creature which thrives on malice and anger. The Wendigo is peculiar in that it's mere presence incites great anger and irritation within its prey, making them turn on another and letting the Wendigo swoop in to finish off whoever's left standing in the end. The Wendigo will mostly show itself in the middle of the most severe blizzards and keeps itself just within one's field of vision to make itself known to its prey. A group of willstrong mages would have to draw it out and destroy it to assure the safety of travelers and traders who might thread upon its hunting grounds.

    Unfortunately the Wendigo is a spiritual being despite it often taking physical shape and will eventually just resurface in the same place to resume its hunt. The process takes a few weeks following that of its demise. Until I can devise a method of permanently dealing with this horror I require mages to albeit temporarily disable the Wendigo to spare as many people as possible an encounter with it. There's no telling how long it would take me nor even if there is a way to destroy a Wendigo as it's never been done but I still ask that any available mage regardless of affiliation take action and work towards purging this beast from our realm.

    Sincerely: The Concerned Arcanist


    Mountain Vulcan (C Rank)

    Should you encounter one of these whilst braving the Wendigo's hunting grounds it's most likely just lost and scared to death considering what else lurks out there. It might just lunge at you in terror without thinking twice. They're far too scared to make much of a threat and won't utilize any form of magic in any encounter you might have with it. Odds are you might encounter one or two of these as you hunt for the Wendigo.

    The Wendigo (A Rank)

    Standing at a monstrous 14 feet the Vulcans don't dare come close to it and as such it will always be encountered alone save the blizzard which it stalks within. It's highly resistant towards the Ice element while suspicious towards the fire element. The mere presence of it aggravates and incites terror in any surrounding creatures.
    The creature itself will only ever use devastating physical attacks wether it be one of its enormous arms or crushing a limb between its jaws. As it's trump card it can let out a hellish scream which serves to temprarily terrify and push away any potential threat in radius.


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    Re: The Wendigo

    Post by Olympia on Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:36 am

    This looks good approved. However know that staff will be nerfing or powering up the enemies etc to give this job the right amount of intensity for this rank.

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