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    The Wendigo's End


    The Wendigo's End

    Post by Roland Gates on Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:28 pm

    Name of Job: The Wendigo's End
    Rank of Job: A
    Repeatable: No
    Guild: Only people who has finished "The Wendigo" may apply for this job and preferably one Take Over mage or really any kind of mage thinking they can pull this off. (Note: "The Wendigo" must have been completed a total of 5 times before anyone might apply for this job)
    Description: I believe I have finally deviced a way to destroy the Wendigo once and for all. I thank all who participated for their support and i'm glad to announce that it's all about to work out now. Looking back on it I once informed you that the Wendigo would keep reappearing due to it being of a spiritual nature. It appears now after months of research that I was only half correct. It seems that while the Wendigo is indeed not originally of the physical realm it has managed to sustain and reassemble itself through a method not unlike Take Over magic. In other words it clings to whatever happens to be nearby and will then take the shape you've come to know as the Wendigo.

    It's now clear to me that the one way to subdue the creature is to attempt a Take Over while it's in physical form. I'm not gonna lie, there's no telling what one might face whilst trying to join with a being such as the Wendigo. Odds are it might just consume whoever attempted the Take Over instead or the user might himself under the Wendigo's influence regardless of the outcome. Frankly I can't think of any other method to deal with it, exorcism having already been attempted in the past. There's no way to be certain and I commend whoever brave enough to attempt the challenge. Unfortunately it won't be as "easy" this time around.

    The Wendigo seems to have realised it's being hunted and it seems outright pissed about it. The beast has grown if possible even more aggressive than before and is being much more proactive, having even been seen descending from the mountain at times.  According to witness accounts it might even have grown larger than before. The Vulcans seem to have been affected by this to a certain extent and have grown progressively aggressive along with the Wendigo. If recent observations are to be trusted the Wendigo might have awakened to some new abilities. I require the assistance of people familiar with the Wendigo meaning that whoever that has at any time pacified the Wendigo by my request are to apply. We just can't afford sending someone not already familiar with the creature. Not to mention what whoever attempts the Take Over will without a doubt have to face the creature in a struggle of wills, making exceptional willpower a key component to the operation.

    Sincerely: The Concerned Arcanist


    Enraged Vulcan (B Rank)

    The Vulcans inhabiting the mountain has fallen victim to the Wendigo's influence and has grown increasingly more aggressive than ever before. Whilst usually pack animals they will now wander about alone or in group of two at best. They will mostly use their enormous arms to deal their own rank's worth of damage and might. Trying to communicate with them in their current state is not adviced.

    The Wendigo (S Rank)

    If you've met it before you will immediately realise that it's outright pissed compared to last time, not even bothering to hide anymore as it goes straight for its prey. It has grown to a monstrous 20 feet, just giving it all the more weight to throw at you. It's still highly resistant to ice and somewhat suspicious towards fire.
    It still won't do much else besides physical attacks and will often attempt to leap, slam and/or grab you. It's highly erratic and has no "style" to speak of besides straight up animalistic. It's former trumpcard having been its scream has now progressed to the point where the vibration itself will act as an enormous bullet of air, dealing damage equal to that of an S rank spell.

    If encontered whilst also facing at least one Vulcan it might outright transfer it's essence to that Vulcan and to rejuvenate itself with a new host should it feel threatened. Worst ccase scenario you might have to face the Wendigo several times depending on the number of Vulcan present by the time you fight it.

    As mentioned eariler the Wendigo is not to be slain this time. You will have to immobilize it, granting the Take Over mage the opportunity to attempt the Take Over. At this phase a battle of wills will ensue in which the user must subdue the savage spirit and pacify it.

    Then again I don't think myself omniscient, should one think off another way to deal with the Wendigo then be my guest.

    Note that destroying the Wendigo will result in a mission failure

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