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    Historia Empty Historia

    Post by Historia on Sat Sep 02, 2017 6:12 pm

     Historia 9iOZWSe

    Character Template

    Character Name: UNKNOWN

    Nicknames/Alias: Historia

    Gender + Sexuality: Female + Heterosexual

    Age: 25

    Appearance: Standing at 5,6 with a fit build indicating she can handle herself if the situation is dire. Her skin is lightly tanned as a sudden burst of inspiration in her research can send her dashing outdoors without a second thought. Her normal attire is a form-fitting grey dress and pink high heels, she could easily pass by looking like a normal citizen. That is were it not for an almost constant skull of some great cat-beast that seems to respond to her use of her Watcher's equipment to close in protection, but opens in a slow unnerving fashion after the action has passed. Her hair is shortly cut down to her neck in thin blonde strands that never seems ruffled. While her eyes are the color of ruby blood with strange symbols on her pupils that seem to dilate if she becomes excited or anything beyond placid.

    Special Characteristics: The symbols in her eyes seem almost oblique when she is not accessing Magic, but seem to darken upon contact with it like ink slowly filling up a well.

    Personality: Historia is an academic in the simplest of terms, however her..research isn't the most orthodox. Soft spoken unless she feels the need to drop a comment dripping with sarcasm. Those who know her better, understand to avoid getting on her bad side at all costs as she is ruthless in digging up all the buttons that make an individual tick. Even when trying to break someone's mental state, its all done with a relatively clam expression on her face or maybe a slight smile. The only time she seems like a normal human being with a full range of emotions is when it comes to her research.

    From the clutter of dusty books, sketches and possibly compromised blood samples from some unknown specimen of the living space she calls home, visitors can find her seething over some blockage in a new creation. Even intruding on that space without fair warning has victims slapped in the face with a book or two. Muttered apologies would be given later as well as the offer of tea. While those worthy (unfortunate) enough of accompanying her on an outing get an up close and personal perspective of her work..with mixed reactions.

    While when it comes to her affiliation as a Watcher, she sees it as it an impossible chance to pass up on the perspective research that could come out of it. She isn't there to attempt to the bridge the perceived gap between the Magical and Non-Magical and if she does state anything about it..mere lip service. There is a touch of aggression towards Guardians that aren't forthcoming about their abilities..as it just means that she has to drag it out of them by force. Although it isn't unrelenting malice once the action starts as she gets to witness data first hand. It's for the sake of knowledge... don't you see?

    Alignment: True Neutral, Lemnos

    Faction; Country: Watcher

    Extra: Has a singular fat ginger tom cat that is only good for the daydreamers to trip over and occasionally occupy a lap.

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    Historia Empty Re: Historia

    Post by Ami~ on Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:20 pm

    Approved, remember you must register the cat as a pet later on. The skull headgear will also provide no protection unless you choose to buy and turn it into an equipment.

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