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    The Grand Opening!

    The Grand Opening! Empty The Grand Opening!

    Post by Kitty Pryde on Sat Sep 02, 2017 6:56 am

    Weclome to Fairy Tail Haven!

    Hello everyone and welcome to Fairy Tail Haven, a non-cannon Fairy Tail site. Here, you will find that, unlike most Fairy Tail sites, we do not adhere to tradition and so the role-playing world is at your disposal. From designing your own character backstory to choosing your own fate, this site provides role-players with the chance to truly express themselves through their character.

    Here, we hope that you find the community friendly and inviting so that your roleplaying experience can be quite an enjoyable one. Furthermore, we hope that you find this site a drama-free zone and that it will allow you the opportunity and chance to find long-lasting friends with other members. And, if ever you have any questions or run into trouble, do not hesitate to ask our capable staff as they are always both happy and ready help.

    Again, we hope you find Fairy Tail Haven the fairy tail canvas that you have been searching for and that it becomes a site that writing isn't a chore, but rather an experience. A place where you can express yourself and that it becomes the place it is meant to be -a Haven for all role-players.

    I hope to meet you all soon!

    The Grand Opening! MDxRiYI
    Silver Wolf and the Fairy Tail Staff

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