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    Jobs 4 Hire

    Jobs 4 Hire Empty Jobs 4 Hire

    Post by Gaia Hades on Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:32 pm

    "Lawful Good"

    Job Title: Criminal Activity
    Job Description: Some criminals have been causing trouble by selling illegal magical substance. Your job is to arrest these lawbreakers, but it won't be easy. They've all drugged up and are stronger than the average mage!
    Completion Requirements: Arrest the criminals and take the drugs off the streets!

    Job Title: Rebel Outbreak!
    Job Description: A group of rebels have risen up and taken over one of the towns nearby in the name of "justice". Go there and show them what true justice is!
    Completion Requirements: Suppress the rebels peacefully or by force.

    "Neutral Good"

    Job Title: Dragon Hunting
    Job Description: A town has been contracting strong mages to help with their "dragon" problem. The problem is, they'd never actually seen the creature! When going to kill the "dragon" that has been stealing their cattle, you find out that it is simply a beast that is trying to feed its family. Will you kill the beast outright, or allow it to run away?
    Completion Requirements: Slay the beast, or repel it.

    Job Title: Reflection Pool
    Job Description: The job request has lead you to a shining waterfall to collect a special jewel...but upon reaching the waterfall and peering inside, the water forms into a humanoid shape, reflecting your image onto it! Fight with the representation of yourself that can do anything you can!
    Completion Requirements: Defeat the reflection of yourself (not necessarily through fighting), and retrieve the jewel within it.

    "Chaotic Good"

    Job Title: Relaxation Taxation
    Job Description: A nobleman has been taxing his citizens an additional amount in order to pay for a luxurious vacation for himself. Take it upon yourself to invade his summer home and knock some sense into him! He is not a very strong or brave man, but his personal guard more than makes up for it.
    Completion Requirements: Get the nobleman to admit his guilt.

    Job Title: Corrupt Police
    Job Description: A lesser known, poor town has had the displeasure of also having to deal with an assortment of corrupt officials, who both keep the poor poorer and beat down any kind of uprising. Will you work to stop this oppression, despite the policemen being part of the law?
    Completion Requirements: Defeat the police force yourself, or inspire and help with an uprising.

    "Lawful Neutral"

    Job Title: Detective Work
    Job Description: A case has fallen into your lap. There's a murderer going around in the dead of night, chopping people up for fun! Your job is to put the clues together and finally confront the monster!
    Completion Requirements: Bring the murderer to justice!

    Job Title: Kids Will Be Kids...
    Job Description: A gaggle of children and teens have started doing magical graffiti against the buildings of some well known store owners, and they've contracted any available mage to find and punish these kids!
    Completion Requirements: Find the hideout of the troublemakers and reprimand them.

    "True Neutral"

    Job Title: Two Sides
    Job Description: Two cults have begun fighting over their beliefs, causing chaos to a town caught in the middle of it. Your job is to be the wild card and stop the fighting with your neutral ways of thinking.
    Completion Requirements: Stop the fighting!

    Job Title: Get a Job!
    Job Description: You're truly neutral, therefore, jobs that require you to do something even a little bit good or bad is beyond you. So, your job is to find a suitable task that lets you be entirely neutral...like...fast food.
    Completion Requirements: Get a job, ya bum!

    "Chaotic Neutral"

    Job Title: Treasure Hunting!
    Job Description: Explorers have put up ads for anyone willing to help them inspect an ancient temple, offering a suitable reward for the dangers that lurk within, such as traps and even ancient guards. Of course, you could always just take everything inside for yourself.
    Completion Requirements: Discover something new and either take it for yourself or hand it in for a reward.

    Job Title: Captain's Bad Day
    Job Description: Word on the grape vine is that a luxury cruiser is passing nearby your location...now is the perfect chance to claim it for yourself and keep all the booty! The ship is guarded by some Guardians with a strict moral code, so watch out!
    Completion Requirements: Conquer the ship or sneakily steal the booty.

    "Lawful Evil"

    Job Title: Quell the Simpletons
    Job Description: You come across a town that seems to have been without law for quite some time. Use your influence, by force or by speech, to turn the townsfolk to your own rules, and become the dictator!
    Completion Requirements: Subjugate the town

    "Neutral Evil"

    Job Title: Betrayal
    Job Description: Join a band of guardians attempting to find and capture a man with a bounty on his head. Either let them do the heavy lifting or join in yourself, but once your target is within your reach, betray your "team" and take the bounty for yourself!
    Completion Requirements: Capture the target, betray your "comrades".

    Job Title: A Little Henching
    Job Description: Your job is to be the henchman to a crimelord for a few days, get to know your fellow henchmen and the boss himself...and then, when you've secured a position for yourself via hard work, attack them in the dead of night or steal their main source of income and make off with it!
    Completion Requirements: Gain the trust of the crimelord, steal their belongings.

    "Chaotic Evil"

    Job Title: Prison Break!
    Job Description: Why not spread a little chaos by setting the prisoners of the government free? Go wild, either sneak in and kill every guard in sight, or just cause mass destruction with your magic! Have fun at their expense!
    Completion Requirements: Set the prisoners free

    Job Title: Causing a War
    Job Description: Two opposing cities that live surprisingly close to each other, one on each side of a river, have been at odds for awhile. Your job is simple: Spark the tinder that they've set themselves, and reap the benefits!
    Completion Requirements: Start a war between the two cities by any means!

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