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    Zecarayus H. Trevelean

    Zecarayus H. Trevelean Empty Zecarayus H. Trevelean

    Post by The howitzer on Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:59 pm

    [img]IMAGE [OPTIONAL][/img]
    Character Template

    Character Name: Zecarayus H. trevelean
    Nicknames/Alias: Ray
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Zecarayus is about 5 foot 6 inch, with his skin a peach color that tans nicely into brown when exposed to the sun. His hair resembling a wings haircut with average length hair on the sides and bangs swept across the forehead, it is a light brown though in direct sunlight it shows off red highlights. Looking very slim, hes more meant for running and swimming then lighting weights(an actual result from walking around a lot). He usually wears what's most comfortable in a place, but his usual attire are dark blue jeans, a simple t-shirt sometimes with a grey light sweater jacket, and black sneakers or athletic shoes.

    Special Characteristics: NA

    A lot of zecarayus's personality is surrounded by one common motivation, to help others for the better. This one thing explains a lot about zecarayus. This starts with his compassion, as he has this toward people, animals, plants, even machines. Rarely would something not get compassion from him, as if he takes time to understand them he will find reason not to hate them. Hate is another thing, zecarayus prefers to stay away from it or get rid of it, believing that it only brings warped views and unneeded trouble. Another is the truth, zecarayus understands that the truth is important and usually tries to tell it in important situations and when it is asked. With this zecacrayus enjoys naturally helping others, so as long it's not clear that he wouldn't be helping them to do something wrong.

    With this want to help it does has it's downsides. To begin he understands that while compassion is nice, there is a need to be strict at times too. With this, he can have moments where he acts out of the norm to a strict and even harsh tone. Another thing is because of his want for the truth, he can be unthinking in some cases. This means he can say something that may be offensive or insensitive when he never intended for it. As funny as it is, he finds it hard to be purposely offensive without having time to think it through. With helping, he also understands that he can be part of a problem or its source. This means he is willing to remove himself from it, but doing this can lead himself to doubt himself and make him sad. He would even do this regarding a loved one.

    So with all this it leads to what zecarayus is. He is often a thinker and cautious, preferring to know as much as he can about a situation before getting involved. But because of this he can be seen as withdrawn and even loses the chance to act. When he does get involved though, he does his best to help resolve the problem in it. On first impressions though with him he comes off as polite or at least neutral, and usually won't carry too much conversation unless its to help out. It's not exactly easy to be friends with him due to this, but once becomes a friend with him they see more of him. They can see him as more silly, doing things with the purpose of making people laugh and not try to hurt anyone. He also becomes more wanting to help his friends over strangers, usually if he has time and confidence he will try to help others around him. Due to his nature it's not really surprising that he can sometimes overthink and worry too much, which can lead to missed meals and sometimes forgetting simple things. Often he says that the worst enemy in his life is himself. He does have knowledge that it's not healthy to be the way he can be, but sometimes guilt or stress overcomes his reasoning.

    However when a situation grows serious, zecarayus seems for the most part to loose the guilt and refines his thinking process, doing his best to find a way to remedy it. In a battle, zecarayus tries to end the battle quickly by destroying the opponent or persuading them not to fight. This is because zecarayus tries to avoid fighting as he understands that he has more potential to kill then mercy, and purposely tries to have it so he has enough power to get away or end a battle quickly. However when angered in a fight zecarayus can become more malicious, purposely doing things to draw out agony with little battle use(another reason he tends to avoid fights).

    -Reading(things he likes)
    -Demon slayers
    -Dragon slayers
    -harmless mischief

    -Reading(things he doesn't like)
    -God slayers
    -Abuse of power
    -Drawn out suffering for no good reason
    -Sometimes himself(he can accidentally do some of things he doesn't like)
    -Being betrayed

    -Wishes to leave the world in a better place, and wants to help make lasting changes that will help future generations
    -Wishes to learn as much as he can about is magic, believed that he with it he can do better to help others
    -Wishes to help others by teaching or passing on knowledge to those he believes will help

    -Fears making a mistake or mistakes so big that he can't fix them
    -Fears giving into his desires as he knows they make things so much worse in certain situations
    -Fears heights

    Alignment: Neutral good
    Faction; Country: Guardian, born and raised in earthland
    History: Zecarayus was raised in a family that was wealthy, not enough to be considered rich but more then those in poverty including education. At 11 he discovered that he could do things attributed to magic and told his parents. His parents both proud and fearful, went to the guardians for help. After hearing about the whole situation, they agreed to help teach and mentor zecarayus along with his regular education. And after 7 years he was ready to serve the guardians and there goals, but he took interests in history. So he decided to help the government of earthland by contacting the dead in attempts to learn more about its past.

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    Post by Ami~ on Sun Feb 26, 2017 1:56 pm


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