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    Roland Gates' Perks


    Roland Gates' Perks

    Post by Roland Gates on Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:16 am

    Character App: Roland Gates

    Race: Amalgamation: While he remains human in appearance it only gets him that far considering what he really is. While he was once human he's best described as an "Amalgamation" due to the many demons he's preyed upon and assimilated into his own body for the last 2 centuries. Due to him being the first case of this ever properly documented, there's simply no telling what he's capable of at this point. The most obvious trait of his being his abnormally long lifespan. Besides that, it remains to be seen just how many traits and abilities he's assimilated during the course of those 200 years. Worse yet, there's nothing to keep him from amassing even more.

    Perk 1: His unique biology allows him to perform lesser tranformations much like his actual Take-Over Magic to adopt the traits of the various creatures he's consumed to a lesser extent that's rarely directly applicable to actual combat.

    Perk 2: A rare trait even among Demons, the ability to regenerate any lost tissue. Besides the obvious up-side of being able to quickly recover from light to severe injuries, Roland can outright regenerate lost limbs altogether if given the time to recover. Roland himself isn't sure of just how far this ability extends, having never lost more than a single limb at a time.

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