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    Maria Fay(WIP)


    Maria Fay(WIP)

    Post by Maria Fay on Sat Mar 12, 2016 10:53 am

    Name: Maria Fay
    Nickname/Alias: Mari
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Birthday: 3/5
    Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Race: Dhampyr

    A dhampyr is half vampire, half human. These creatures are immune to most common weaknesses of vampires such as holy water, garlic and holy symbols like crosses. They also incur no direct damage by sunlight unlike their vampire parent.  They do have to feed, but doing so has little to no ill effect on the victim, and it's far easier to resist their bloodlust than for a normal vampire. To feed the victim needs to be either willing, restrained or unconscious. Feeding can also be done by collecting blood from people with medical skills like doctors. Though this always has to be human blood. They have little fangs to do so, but their range is limited and they aren't really any more deadly than normal fists, except that these are pointy and sharp. They do not need to eat or drink outside of their feeding. Unlike normal vampires, Dhampyrs can be killed by conventional means.

    Personality: Maria acts as shy girl to just about anyone she hasn't ever met before. she is a little tired of people learning of her true nature and abandoning or even attacking her after learning, so she tries to keep that hidden. As a result she actively speak to people more than necessary. Once someone get's to know her she tends to be very kind and intelligent. She also doesn't really seem to shy away from people once a conversation is going, but that conversation has to stay alive. She is also surprisingly polite, so she tries at least to greet most people she meets. She usually stays polite, formal and calm.

    Despite her nature she is a good person that seeks to better the way of living for everyone. In dangerous situations she becomes just as brave as she is socially shy. That being said she isn't stupid and isn't one to jump in a hopeless situation if it serves no purpose. She can sometimes decides she just likes to mess with people, but those outburst aren't often and usually harmless in the long run. She has little patience for those that hurt innocent people and even less for those that harm those she deems as friends.

    She also has a perverted side to her. She doesn't really flirt with people easily, but she has a habit of staring at women who she thinks are pretty. This is easily lost on people that don't know her, and can be really creepy once noticed. She doesn't really has the courage to start a conversation with them like that quickly. She is rarely seen outside at sunny days, more out of habit than out of necessity. She can survive outside, but the sun still bugs her a little bit, especially if she wears revealing clothing. Which most of the clothing she has is. She also has a habit of messing with people a bit. These are always meant as harmless and she is very quick to apologize if she ever goes to far.

    -Food: Either natural for her or not she likes to eat. If she doesn't likes it normal taste (ie. Everything that's
    not blood) she uses her illusion magic to make it tasteful for her. This way she can enjoy literally anything she eats.
    -Games: Likes to play games with people, She doesn't want to take it to serious though.
    -Traveling: It sort of grew into her after traveling from town to town.

    -Sunny Days: Just because she isn't hurt by it doesn't mean she isn't affected by it. It still gives her the creeps for some reason.
    -Vampire hunters: She would rather not deal with delusional individuals that deem everything remotely connected to vampires evil. So this one stretches even father then vampire hunters themselves, her main problem with hunters is that they actively do so while a normal person would not purposely look for people like Maria to attack.
    -Bosco: Never returning to that place again, at least willingly. To much bad memories there and people that want her dead.
    -Her mother's side of the family: She doesn't know her father's family as he died shortly after impregnating Maria's mother. She doesn't like her family mother and her family much. Mostly the reason she fled from them and her home country of Bosco.

    -Becoming a real vampire: she isn't sure if it's possible to have her be turned into one. But if there is a way, she wants nothing to do with it.
    -Her mother: The other family members are complete pushovers, her mother however is a different story. As long as she leaves Maria alone, she should be fine.
    -Bats: Amusingly enough was born with Chiroptophobia. Her family has had a field day with that.

    -Having a family: Doesn't necessary need to be big. Just a partner would be nice. The more the merrier though.
    -Staying Alive: Between feeding and disguising herself this one might be a little harder than it seems. Getting caught while feeding generally leads to more bloodshed. Either of her or others.
    -Recognition: Being recognized for who she is and not what she is. To finally break her shy facade and be who she really is. She realizes this day will not come soon and that there always will be complications, but that doesn't mean she can't strive for it.

    Hair: Pink, long, Ponytail.
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: Slightly more Pale then normal.
    Height: 1.86m
    Weight: 55KG

    Special Characteristics: Small Fangs, which are only noticeable under very close inspection once her mouth is open.

    Guild: Pygmy Rabbit
    Guild Mark Location: Above her left Breast
    Guild Mark Color: Pink
    Rank: C

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    Re: Maria Fay(WIP)

    Post by Ami~ on Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:33 pm


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