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    Alexander Vaan's Area


    Alexander Vaan's Area

    Post by Rai Vashti(Tatsu) on Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:38 pm

    RP Sample 1:

    It was a somewhat bright morning, with the sun shining and no cloud in sight. The days had been long and tiring as a young man traveled from city to city looking for work, for almost everything had a cost and some things more than others. Alexander, just about the age of thirteen, had manage to find himself in a small country town near Magnolia. Alexander had been wearing nothing but a pair of khaki shorts and a orange t-shirt, which he cleaned almost everyday. He had heard of some manual labor he could do to earn money for him and another person who was taking care of him in a nearby town.

    As Alexander wondered the town, he came across a billboard in the middle of the town. What had been posted upon the board was the exact thing he had been looking for and he started to look for the flyer he needed. It had taken him just about a minute, but he found the flyer reading "Cafe: In need of backroom helper." The cafe was only a couple of blocks away and was one the only places accepting help from people his age. It was also a very old cafe, popular in the town and was constantly busy and always looking for seasonal work. Alexander hurried for the cafe, hoping he was not to late to help.

    "We need more hands helping us bringing in our ingredients. They tend to not only be heavy but also bulky. Its partially the reason why we hire young men like yourself." An elderly women spoke with kindness and sweetness in her tone. She was the owner of the cafe and the head chef, looking to only be about fifty in age. Her shop, a building looking to be of an older variety, had a array of cheerful colors. Its walls were pink with light blue accents and its roof colored yellow. It was a place for both family and friends could come to relax and enjoy a good home-cooked meal. "Now please do allow me to give you a tour of where you will be working and with who."

    The women lead Alexander to the back of the shop, where there was already a group hard at work unloading a truck for the day. The group consisted of two young men and a middle-aged man. The two young ones looked to be twins, having very little to differentiate other than the color of their shirts, one being red and the other blue. The older man though was one that would strike out in a crowd. He was a burly man with a exquisitely built boy, one that would make you think he did more than lift in his spare time. He was wearing a pair of jeans, dirtied and most definitely worn often, and a white sleeveless shirt. "Welcome young man, you must be one of my new crew. We have a shipment of flour come in today and need it unloaded. Now how much of this do you think you can carry by yourself? One maybe two?" The gentleman had a very caring and generous grin on his face, almost like he just enjoyed the help that he could get.

    The elderly woman just nodded at Alexander and he proceeded to grab a bag, with it not being to heavy nor too light. He took note that it had taken both of the twins to carry just one bag, while the leader of the group could carry two bags at once. This meant that he was the second strongest here, which gave some confidence in his ability to accomplish this task. After a bit of time had past Egor, the name of the older gentleman, had declared it time for their first break. Len and Nate, the twins, had both reached in their back pockets for flasks of water and sat down on a bench. Egor grabbed two chairs, sitting down in one and motioned for Alexander to sit in the one next to him. "Now Alexander, you may not no this seeing as your new, but we are a family at this shop. We take care of each other, both while we are here and while we are not. Now like all new family members here have done, tell us a little about yourself."

    Alexander had a bit of dismay on his face, these people were still fairly new to him. He had a bit of a problem talking to others, having very little trust in people but decided to at least try to open up to others. "I was b..born in a small town. It is not very known and there are plenty of reasons why. After some things happened, I left the town in search of a purpose for my life and have been traveling for about three years now. Luckily I have not been alone, I found a kind person who plans to train me in magic." Alexander left the last sentence in a bit of safety and happiness, letting out a small grin.

    "That is really cool!" the twins let out simultaneously "We wish we could learn magic, but we were told we had no affinity for it."

    "Mother sent us to a school for it but we never made it past the first entry exam." exclaimed Len.

    "Though that will not stop us from helping those we can with our own abilities. We plan to open up a farm eventually, and help those who need food and shelter when we can." Nate spoke with a calm and collected tone, knowing that was his purpose.

    "Heh. You two will be great and will be very helpful when you time comes. As for you Alexander, what exactly are you going to do when you learn your magic? One does not often set their motivations to magic without a calling after their first steps."

    "I wish to bring a balance to this world, or at least try to. Their is too much evil as it stands, holding back what good people can do." Alexander looked into the sky, its open blue hue shining for miles. It reminded him of the endless possibilities of the world, with only the 'clouds' to hold it back."I truly wish to not let others go through what I have. I just want to do something useful." Alexander had a face of sentiment, remembering the hardships he went through before he started his new life.

    "Well I think that is a great thing to strive for, and I hope you can follow that goal." Egor stood up and stretched, letting out a loud groan. "Well kiddos we have to finish this work before our shift ends, lets get to it." He went back to gathering the bags and placing them inside. The others did as well, with Alexander feeling better about himself. Alexander never did have someone just sit down and listen to him before other than his guardian, and it brought him some comfort in the thought.

    As the day went on and they continued their work, it came to an end for the day with the twins leaving first in a hurry. Egor had decided to stay the night at the cafe to help on cleaning the inside and possibly to get a free meal. Alexander decided to head to the nearest inn to find shelter for the night, hoping to work at the cafe for next few days. As he walked, he noticed a commotion going on ahead of him and he picked up his pace to a run. As he got closer, he realized who two of the people were caught up in this while a third man was a piece unknown to him.

    "You brats think you can just waltz right past my territory and not pay, you really are young and stupid aren't you." As he talked, he noticed the sound of running and looked up to see Alexander "Has another kid come to join the party." He had a sadistic grin on his face as he shoved Nate to the side and marched towards Alex. As he walked closer, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a knife and proceed to attack with a forward stab.

    Alexander, unexpected to the knife attack, took the blade to his left shoulder just missing vitals. Alex knew this guy was trouble and would not stop. He stepped back, removing the knife from his shoulder and was now left with just his right arm and legs to fight. Alexander went in with a low kick with his right leg as fast he could, allowing him to defend himself with his right arm if needed.

    As the low sweep came in, the attacker was knocked down to the ground with his head smacking and rebounding. The man was tall and the height at which he fell was a decent height. He was hurting but not out as he rolled away and got back up and proceed to get into a defense position.

    Alexander followed the man, and at this point had lost a decent amount of blood and wanted to finish this as quickly as he could. He activated Flow and decided to go on the offensive. As the man got up Alexander led with a charge with a straight right aimed for the head, keeping specific tabs on the man's knife arm. He knew he was at a disadvantage and wanted to keep it where it was.

    The man, still a little staggered from the hit on his head, was clocked in the center mass of his face. From the first hit and the full force of the last hit, the man fell to the ground unconscious. He just laid there, breathing and asleep. He was not strong man, relying heavily on scary tactics and the use of his knife. He would live but most likely a little bit more cautious after loosing to a young teenager.

    Alexander was victorious, and he felt good knowing that he had protected the twins. At this point, he had lost a decent amount of blood, but he did not feel it or notice it. He had one goal for his life and he had just made a step further in it. As he relished in this moment, he looked towards the twins as they ran toward him not hearing a word they spoke. A few moments later, as they got close, Alexander collapsed and blacked out due to the amount of blood that he lost. This was the first moment in his new life that he followed his motto, his purpose.

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