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    Edward D. Smith


    Edward D. Smith

    Post by Edward D. Smith on Fri May 13, 2016 1:25 pm

    Name: Edward D. Smith
    Nickname/Alias: (Earn it IC, probably)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Birthday: 05/7
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Alignment: Neutral Good.
    Race: Human
    Personality: Edward is a kind hearted character who will try to help out anyone in need which could sometimes back fire. He will put the safety of others before his own when others are in trouble. He also has a brave and courageous attitude, with a strong sense of justice. But, it doesn't mean he doesn't have a "dirty" mind much to his embarrassment He has a taste for women with a decent sized bust (Doesn't mean he only likes those.), and could be sometimes found trying to take a peek into the women's bath house or spas, which ends up getting him slapped much more than getting lucky, ya know, not like he's trying to get lucky or anything. He also likes to having his earlobe nibbled on by a woman, but will never admit it. He is also a hopeless romantic who hopes of finding love one day which is pretty ironic considering how love blind he can be. He can also be a total klutz at times, or become nervous around certain people to the point of pure awkwardness Edward will look out for his friends and family no matter what. If you dare try to lay a finger on those he loves, lets just say he isn't above killing those who harm his family. Edward can be a bit thick headed at times though when it comes to the most simplest of tasks, but don't underestimate this mage or you might just end up regretting it. Edward is a guy who has a lot to prove, and dreams of making a name for himself one day, becoming a great Knight. He will let no one stop him from reaching his dreams.

    Edward isn't a fan of pointless battles that leads to a lot of destruction, but he does enjoy a friendly duel from time to time. When it's time for him to get serious, Edward will completely focus on his opponent and their movements, unless breasts are involved. That can easily throw him off, giving the enemy an advantage. Edward has learned how to use his magic and battle in hand to hand combat, as well as how to use a sword when he was a child because of his rough childhood and to prove himself to others that he can be someone to rely on. He isn't much into group fights, but when needed he will jump into the fray and give it all he's got. One on one fights are more of his cup of tea, because he is able to focus a lot more on one enemy than having to focus on what multiple people are doing. He will even jump in front of his comrades, acting as their human shield if he doesn't see any other way of protecting them from an incoming attack. His skills with ,swordplay and hand to hand combat has made Edward a dangerous character, and this is without the use of his magic. When the situation calls for it, Edward isn't afraid to get destructive, and fight dirty neither.

    • Edward loves to go out and have fun with others.

    • Edward is a big eater when it comes to meat and ramen.

    • Edward has a bit of a perverted side when it comes to women, something he isn't all too proud of. Especially when they have a decent sized bust.

    • Edward has a secret desire to get his earlobe nibbled on by women, but is something he doesn't plan on telling others.

    • Edward hates it when things become boring or awkward and having nothing to do.

    • He dislikes evil and corrupted people who take advantage of the weak and cause pointless destruction.

    • If Edward can't focus on a single person in battle, then it isn't a battle he wants to be in.

    • He really hates those who try to smash his dreams and the dreams of others.

    • Edward has a fear of being abandoned by those he loves again. He doesn't want to go through such a painful experience again.

    • He fears being weak, defenseless and not being able to protect those he cares for.

    • From when he was a child, Edward has always had an unknown fear of needles. Just the seeing a picture of a needle will freak him out.

    • Wanting to become stronger to defend those he cares about is his primary motivation.

    • "Who knows what tomorrow will bring." Edward tries to make the most of his life everyday because of those very words his mentor told him.

    • He doesn't want all the training he went through with his mentor to go to waste.

    • He wants to one day find that special someone to be with for as long as he lives.

    Hair: Brown and kind of spiky(See appearance below)
    Eyes: Dark green.
    Skin: Tan
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 122lb
    Special Characteristics: None
    Guild: Cait Shelter
    Guild Mark Location: On the left pec.
    Guild Mark Color: Dark Green
    Rank: D

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    Re: Edward D. Smith

    Post by Ami~ on Sun May 15, 2016 2:04 pm

    Getting tad annoyed with so many CS but approved.

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