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    Boys Over Flowers


    Boys Over Flowers

    Post by Satyr Noztal on Sat Apr 02, 2016 2:35 pm

    Magnolia Town wasn't the kind of place that Yoshi often found himself pining to visit. To him it was rather dull and lacked the quaint charm of a place like Hargeon Town or Rose Garden. What he did like here however was the atmosphere given off by those who lived in such a place. He didn't often venture out here without a purpose but today was a special exception. He had finished the task assigned to himself earlier than he originally planned. Having eliminated his target almost six hours earlier than his schedule dictated. Since he was close by, he figured that he'd stop by for lunch at the very least and help himself to something good. His main issue came form the fact that he just didn't know the layout of the town well and was standing around like an obvious tourist.

    Due to his safety precautions he didn't dress in the manner he typically did when out committing the myriad of crimes attributed to his name. Rather he wore a simple outfit that made him look as though he was a normal wandering mage, wearing a darker green dress shirt and blue jeans with brown boots that looked a bit like real world timberland shoes. He even went the extra mile and slicked his hair back just to make sure that no one would be suspicious of him. Unfortunately he couldn't do much about the eye-patch, but he wore one that didn't have his custom insignia on it. If anything he just appeared to be a fairly well dressed pirate. A thought that did cross his mind and allowed him to give a slight chuckle. He did attempt to stop people on the street but it seemed he lacked takers in helping him out.

    "Is everyone in this town so much of a prick that they can't help me out??" He exclaimed with an agitated expression on his handsome face. He took a deep breath however, not allowing his good mood to go sour before he even had himself something to drink. If he was going to be in this dainty town without any of the people he knew being here as well. He was going to make the best of the situation. Not really showing any aura that would be considered threatening, so he was basically invisible. Oh well, he'd get over it quite fast. Especially since he was sure he'd meet an interesting person here. Or persons. He never knew and that was the fun thing about his life. It was a giant gamble with no preconceived outcomes.

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    Re: Boys Over Flowers

    Post by Ami~ on Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:05 pm

    She had heard of it in books before. Magnolia Town, a quiet and quaint location that shared its name with the beautiful white flower. It was amusing to her, how so many towns in this country shared names with plant life. A sense of peace radiated throughout the town as the people continued their everyday life. In the future she wondered, after massive destruction would this town still be peaceful? It would be a shame if it wasn't however sacrifices were meant to be made. Today however, Ami wasn't here to destroy Magnolia but to escape the treacherous heat of her own home. Besides after aiding the guild nonstop for weeks straight, she deserved a break from her work.

    She wasn't exactly sure about the layout of the town. Sure, she had seen maps before, however it didn't mean she had memorized the place. Fortunately, however she didn't have the worst sense of direction either so she didn't get hopelessly lost in the city. Ami however had to be careful, being a member of a dark guild she didn't want to be caught. She carefully hid some of her more prominent feature such as her guild mark and the tattoo upon her forehead. She would simply act as a wandering mage in situations like these something that would not exactly attract attention from the others around her as it were a common situation for a new tourist to be lost. Worst case scenario, someone would see through her elaborate disguise and know her true identity, hopefully that wouldn't happen. She didn't exactly like being seen as a public enemy.

    Her ears twitched as a yell entered her ears. Raising her head, she turn towards the sound. "A prick?" She pondered aloud, she had no idea what that word meant when used in that context however she kept talking as if she did know the definition. "Why are you calling everyone a prick?" She said calmly. "And what do you need help on? I'm not exactly a resident of this town however, I might be able to help as I am slightly familiar with the layout of the town." Subconsciously she bit her lower lip, it was risky interacting with another person as she had no idea whom this person was. However, if luck was on her side this day, she would not be talking to a person of the law.

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