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    Jia F. Fross


    Jia F. Fross

    Post by Jia Fross on Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:12 am

    Name: Jia F. Fross
    Nickname/Alias: Mama Jia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Birthday: 21 Feburary
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Race: Human

    Personality: Throughout her life, Jia Fross has changed from personality to personality, each time not by choice, but due to the circumstances surrounding her. Because of this, Jia is very sensitive to change. Ever sense being released from prison, although she has gone through a complete personality make over, Jia has been weary of making new friends with people. Of course, it does happen from time to time, but she tries her best to only befriend the most boring of people, people who she knows will more than likely not do anything to hectic or crazy. Because of this particular outlook on life, Jia currently refrains from joining any guilds. Jia is a bit of a loner, preferring to do all of her jobs without the assistance of anyone except for her spirits, of course, she is willing to get over this preference of hers if the missions requires multiple people.
    Even with this abstinence towards people, Jia has a good heart. Constantly going out of her way to help others, volunteering at places when she isn’t doing jobs. Don’t get her wrong, she loves doing it and helping people, however, she also feels a sense of obligation. She feels as if she must do these random acts of kindness in order to make up for the horrid things she did when she was a dark mage, a member of a guild called abyss Scion.
    Jia will always go out of her way to help people, whether she is asked to or not. She isn’t afraid of breaking rules either if it means helping someone else, probably a side effect of growing up a dark mage for the first 18 years of her life.
    Despite this loving, helpful nature of hers, Jia has a bad side. A side that, when provoked, will cause her to go for the closest throat to her. Because of this, Jia took up the habit of smoking as a way to relieve the stress in her life, and take her mind off of the past, something that always haunts her.  
    Jia is very secretive when it comes to herself. She rarely even gives out her full name, just answering the question by saying “Oh, people just call me Mother Jia.” She almost never talks about her past, especially her family. She will occasionally let it slip that she went to jail, but that isn’t something she is ashamed for. She never tells people why, only that she was in a bad place, and she rose above it. 


    • Helping others: She gets a feeling of satisfaction from doing so, as if she is whipping away her past with each act of kindness. 
    • The feeling of Victory: This mainly applies to when Jia is in battle. You can take the dark mage out of the dark guild, but you can't take the competitiveness out of the dark mage. 
    • Smoking: Jia doesn't so much like smoking as she feels required to do it. This feeling of requirment, of course, is because she is addicted. She doesn't enjoy the smoking itself, but she enjoys the feeling of releif she gets when giving into the addiction. She hasn't even tried to quit, but that is because she knows what she is capable of when she is pissed off and angrey.  
    • Animals: Big, small, fluffy, dangerous, Jia loves all animals. She spent most of her time when she was in jail playing with rats, due to the fact that she couldn't play with anyone, or anything else. She used to hate animals. However, that changed when she stopped 


    • Her name: Jia hates her family name, Fross. She has grown to despise that name, the name of a clan of dark mages, the name of a group of people bent on hurting others in one way or another.  However, she can’t bring herself to change it. It is a part of her, and she wears it like a badge of honor, a symbol that people change, and can overcome almost anything.
    • Bland food: She can’t stand the taste. It was all she got in Abyss Scion, and all she got in jail (if you can even call that stuff food).
    • Alcohol: She tried to use alcohol as a way to forget her life while she was helping rune knights track down dark mages, aka former colleagues  of hers. It didn't quite work, and now she can't even look at the stuff without even gaging.   


    • Change: Her entire life has changed multiple times, only once for the better. Each time, she has left the change a completely different person. She has gone from being fragile and scared, to numb, to heartless, and now, she is motherly. She doesn’t want to change again.
    • Swimming/large bodies of water: She simply just doesn’t know how to swim, and does not wish to drown. 
    • Her family: Abyss scion might have been whipped out, but her family certainly hasn’t. And Jia no longer has Arc of Emotion magic backing her up in a fight. Her family is ruthless, full of criminals and murderous scum. If they were to find Jia, it wouldn’t end well for her. Her family treats each other like animals, training them, and selling them off to the highest bidder to assist them in jobs. Jia leaving the family, in their eyes, was thievery.  


    • Kindness: Waking up in the morning, the first thing to help Jia get out of bed is knowing that there are people in the world whose lives she can try to make better, or at the very least make happy for a minute or two.  Whether it be cooking a meal for someone, reading a child a book, or stopping someone from getting robbed, she knows that she can do something every day to help others.
    • Getting married: Despite Jia’s apparent abstinence from social interaction, she wants to fall in love. She yearns to meet someone who she doesn’t have to hold back with, someone she can just spew all of her secrets to, someone she can tell her past too. She wants to find that person who she can talk to without fear of losing them. Of course, this paired together with her hope of keeping others safe means she can't accomplish this until she knows her family has stopped looking for her. 
    •  Clearing her name in the eyes of her family: Jia hopes to one day be able to speak with her uncle, the leader of the clan, and clear her name. She wants them to hopefully stop looking for her, and hopefully they will cut her out for good so that she may live her life in peace, the way she wants to live it.


    Hair: Maroon/Pink
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: White
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 130 pounds
    Special Characteristics: Always wearing sandels and a hair clip moving her bangs from out of her face. 

    Guild: Guildless
    Guild Mark Location: Chest (there is a scarred over black guild mark on her thigh)
    Guild Mark Color: Red 
    Rank: C


    Jia fross was born into a long line of dark mages. Generation after generation, her clan would find one way or another to get involved in the biggest magical scandal of that time. Jia was born the niece of the clans head, and with her mother and father both dying at the hands of the rune knights during a raid on their village when she was 6 years old, Jia went to go live with her uncle. She was an only child, however, her uncle had 2 kids of his own. One son, and one daughter. Both older than Jia. The son, Tamashi, was 7 years older than her. The daughter, Jaanuka, was 4.
    Jia was raised with the same morals and rule sets everyone else, doing whatever she could to get power. And as she grew older, her magical potential began to raise. However, with no specific magic to put all this power into, it would just exit her body in random flashes. Because of this, her new sister, Jaanuka, had two reasons to make her life a living hell. The first, was because of Jia was now living under the title of "klutz". The second, Jaanukas own jealousy. Jaanuka possessed little to no magic power, and trained every day in fighting to prove so.
    At first, Jia couldn't take this torment. She was a fragile girl in the beginning, having gone through a lot. She didn’t think she was cut out for the life of crime and tyranny. However, when she was 9, Tamashi began to become her favorite person.  He was kind, sweet, and powerful. He was the clans prized possession, having committed 15 crimes by the time he was 16. He made life easier for Jia, constantly getting on Jaanuka to leave Jia alone, and even hanging out with Jia. He spent all his free time helping her practice various fighting techniques, and simply making her laugh.
    Jia thought all would be well, however much to her demise, she was wrong. This went on for a few years, but when Jia was 11, she heard the news that Jaanuka had been killed on a mission. At the funeral, Jaanuka tried getting inside Jias head. Accusing her of making him softer, accusing her of being the reason he died. That was the last straw for Jia. The magic energy within her was done being bottled up, and it spewed all over the area, in one, fatal blast. 15 clan members died, ranging from F-rank, to A. Luckly for Jia, however, Jaanuka had not died.
    The clan leader, Shin, her uncle, sent her away. Sent her to live on the other end of the continent, in a shack in the middle of the woods with her grandmother. At this point, Jia was no longer fragile, she was a killer. It was in her eyes, her soul, her very being. Her grandmother was so… proud. She trained Jia in using a rare, almost lost magic. A magic that would not only teach Jia how to release her stored up magic, but also how to release her stored up emotions.
    The magic; Arc of emotion.
    After 4 years of training, and living with her grandmother, she was sent back to the clans headquarters.  The moment se got back, now age 15, she was sold to a dark guild. The guild was named Abyss Scion, and Jia, along with Jaanuka, and one of her cousins, were now members. The guild had recently become infamous across the lands, having successfully killed a number of rune knight officials, and even killed one of the king’s right hand man.
    At first they thought Jia wouldn’t be much helpful, but within the first year of working there she had accomplished 37 tasks (ranging from petty theft, assignations, to slaughtering rune knights and other government officials), and reached B-rank. At the age of 17, a war began to brew. Jia had successfully reached S-rank, and was assigned to be one of the generals for the army.
    The war went… horribly. Abyss Scion was obliterated, and most of those who weren’t obliterated with it were captured by the rune knights shortly after. Jia was one of these mages.
    Jia’s punishment for her war crimes and various infamous actions was not only imprisonment, but to have her magic abilities whipped away from her body.
    However, her time in prison changed her. She was reborn in that prison. Not reverting back to the fragile, innocent girl she was when she was living with her uncle, but not staying the cruel, selfish girl she was before jail. She was a new, strong women. 2 years into her sentence, the government decided they needed her help. They offered her freedom, (with monthly check ups by the rune knights for the rest of her natural life), in return for her helping them hunt down 10 escaped members from Abyss Scion, ranging from people who escaped from the war, to people who escaped from jail.
    She was happy to oblige.
    It took a solid 2 years to find everyone, but when they did, she was set free.
    It has now been a year sense she was involved with the government, and sense then, she has found a new outlet for her magic.
    Celestial spirit magic. Now she tries her best not to get involved with anything, good or evil, and simply tries to stay on the line of neutrality, doing seemingly meaningless missions in order to make enough money. However, who knows how long that will last. 

    Re: Jia F. Fross

    Post by Silver Wolf on Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:40 am


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