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    Hitoshirezu Jinkun


    Hitoshirezu Jinkun

    Post by Zap Fosho on Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:21 pm

    Name: Hitoshirezu Jinkun
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Birthday: July 9th
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Race: Human

    Personality: He is a complex and intriguing fellow. He is usually seen as dark and forboding, never showing an ounce of happiness or sadness, merely showing neutrality or anger. He is silent a lot of the times, which helps with his seemingly dark nature. He will continue to show his neutrality and merely look as though he doesn't care or just doesn't seem to have an opinion. He is more likely to show his anger and it hurts him that only the anger ever seems to show. He understands that he must hide away his emotions as best as he can, for fear that the balance will go out of whack. He also fears the darkness hidden away in him. Years of keeping his anger hidden has caused the anger to fester into a strong and powerful opponent. He knows that he must keep locking away his emotions or the demon inside him may become loose. The anger will consume him, causing the darkness to win. If the darkness wins, he will merely become his anger. Knowing only anger and knowing only darkness. He controls his anger as best as he can, and there are times when he looses control. These are usually very brief. Most times, it will be merely seconds or a few minutes. There are times however that he will black out and wake up, surrounded by destruction. These are very far apart and do not happen often. If he feels it coming, he will tell others to stop him if they are around.

    Around friends, he begins to loosen up a little bit. There are the few times in which his happiness shows. He will begin to feel at home, connected to those that will actually attempt to get close to him. He will briefly smile and he will genuinely try to have fun. He will try to keep himself under control, trying not to let his emotions get the better of him. He will enjoy himself, and try to help others. This helps him keep his anger under control. By enjoying himself, and letting his happiness run free here and there, he continues to keep control over his anger. It allows himself to keep connected, one with the world. This keeps him from giving up on goals that he has set forth.

    When he is alone, the darkness gains ground on him. His normally neutral self caves and the darkness that is his anger and sadness begin to grow stronger. This is when his anger is strongest. This is when it has the best foothold. When he is alone, the anger and sadness will creep into his mind. They will begin to plague it with all sorts of bad and terrifying thoughts. They maintain a dark existence of trying to slowly cause his mind to turn. It is for this reason, he tries hard to connect to his goddess. He tries to get her to give him knowledge and advice on how to stop the darkness. He hopes that she can lead him to the true ground, where the balance is taken care of and he can finally relax. He wants his burden to be off his shoulders, so that the next generation and himself can finally relax for a long time.

    Likes: He likes helping people, though most run in fear from him. He keeps helping anyway, knowing that the balance is better preserved. He loves serving his goddess and protecting the balance. He will do all he can to serve it. He loves serving his goddess. He will do whatever she asks. He loves helping his guild out. Though with them being good, he does keep watch over them.

    Dislikes: He dislikes those who disrupt the balance. The Shinigami and his goddess will punish him if he fails so he will do what he can. He doesn’t like being treated like scum because he is different. He will defend himself and defend those trated wrongly. He dislikes disobeying his goddess’s orders, knowing that they can lead to far worse punishment.

    Fears: He fears losing the fight against the balance. For this goal, he will do whatever must be done to protect the balance. He will fight without care for his own safety if he feels necessary. He fears the situation getting too far out of his control. While it will not debilitate or stop him in his tracks, he will become slightly unsure of himself until he remembers the Shinigami. He also fears heights. If he gets too high, he will become terrified and his legs will begin to feel numb. He tries to overcome this but does fail at times.

    Inspirations: He is motivated by his desire for his goddess. No one knows when he started worshipping her, if there even was a start. It just sort of was there. He will do what he wants and when he wants to make sure his goals are achieved. He is also motivated by the Shinigami, the death god that protects him and gives him the will to move forward. He continues his goals and keeps fighting no matter what happens.

    Hair: Black, shaggy, medium length
    Eyes: Black normally, glows red when using magic
    Skin: Pale skin, almost white
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 200 lbs

    He has a muscular look to his body. Around his eyes are pure black from sleeplessness as well as an enhanced darkening to make him look undead. He has a black tattoo of a skull on his right forearm. He has extremely pale skin. There seems to be a black aura that surrounds him at all times. He wears a black shirt that seems to configure to his body. He wears a black trenchcoat that is usually buttoned three times, with the remaining buttons being left undone. He wears black pants that are held up with a black belt with a silver buckle. He has solid black leather gloves that fit closely to his hand, leaving little room between the material and his hands. He wears black shoes. They are not sneakers, but they are built comfortably to allow for a lot of walking with a lot of pressure to his feet.
    Special Characteristics: N/A

    Guild: Pygmy Rabbit
    Guild Mark Location: On his back left shoulder.
    Guild Mark Color: black
    Rank: D rank

    Re: Hitoshirezu Jinkun

    Post by Silver Wolf on Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:57 am

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    Re: Hitoshirezu Jinkun

    Post by Arya on Thu Mar 31, 2016 6:49 pm



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    Re: Hitoshirezu Jinkun

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