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    Post by Astaroth on Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:11 am

    Name: Astaroth
    Nickname/Alias: The First One
    Gender: Male
    Age: Ageless
    Birthday: February 7, A day he gave to himself since the day he was created there was no aspect of months
    Sexual Orientation: None
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Race: Old One: Known to be some of the first mages in the world Old Ones have the power to fully manipulate the primal magics of the world allowing . They are known to the human race as Ancients but unlike there titles they are just a created being made by the gods to enact there will. Old Ones do not have any reproductive organs making it impossible to reproduce which is the sacrifice they pay for being beings that are immune to the effects of time. As stated above Old Ones have full control of the primal magic coursing through the world making them fearsome opponents. Most Old Ones have either vanished from the world or have been killed off by the ones who fear there power making only a handful left in the world, Astaroth is considered the oldest of the Old Ones since he was the first created millenia ago.

    Personality:  Astaroth is a man with undoubtedly many secrets. He is a man who, like most that hold such secrecy, comes from a dark past. As such, he prefers to keep to himself. Only mingling with people from time to time when a situation requires it.
    Combat wise, Astaroth is a critic and, with it, a tactician. He prefers to stay behind the scenes to observe everything that is occurring. That way, he is able to see the possible outcome and able to maneuver it to his advantage. As such, he enjoys a good spar. Especially when it comes to improving not only his abilities but those of his pupil. When fighting with others he has tendencies to dodge there attacks criticizing there moves and telling them ways they can improve on it making him seem more like a teacher than a enemy.
    Astaroth is a very curious man wanting to learn all that he can about the world that has changed so much in the years he has been in isolation. He is very calm out of combat wishing to either meditate or teach those who are willing the martial arts he has learned hoping one could be a suitable replacement to take his immortality. Other than that Astaroth can be summed up as a sophisticated man who has seen countless civilizations prosper and fall at the advance of time while he has still stayed the same making his longevity very boring making him wish to end it by passing it on to another. Even in seclusion he has kept his mindset and teachings from the masters of old not losing an ounce of composure. Sticking to his ideals as a watcher of man Astaroth decided to be one to become a Rune Knight this humans form of military a fitting place of one of his standing.
    -Reading of past events: Being away from the human world Astaroth now loves to study up on the world and how it has changed during his time in seclusion.
    -Watching events unfold: Even if the duty as a watcher is long gone Astaroth still goes about watching events of man unfold
    -Seclusion: Being alive for so long Astaroth secluded himself from others so it has become natural for him to try and be alone from time to time.
    -Humans who seek power: As it stands Astaroth thinks of the humans as a fledgling race who shouldnt strive for the power which will ineviatably destroy them so he has taken it upon himself to keep them from gaining too much power.
    -Weak minded fools: Astaroth is in all words a warrior and dislikes to see those who are weak and not willing to fight to become stronger
    -Being disturbed: In general Astaroth likes to read and meditate in peace and truly dislike those who try to disturb his peace.
    -Falling in love: Being a Old One he was cursed with the incapability to procreate making the concept of love something he fears.
    -Being killed: Since he is the last of his race or that he knows of he wishes to stay alive to avoid the Old Ones extinction which would lead to his next fear.
    -To see man wipe each other out: If this was to happen his life as a watcher would be meaningless so he sees it fit to become a power to stop this from happening
    -Find surviving Old Ones: Even though he has sensed most of the others vanish from this world Astaroth still has hopes of finding his surviving brethren.
    -Source of the Old Ones disappearances: Astaroth will stop at nothing to find the reason for his brethren disappearance and deal with them accordingly even if it means he will need to kill those responsible.
    -Watch Man: Even though he sees that his job as a watcher is over he has taken action as by joining the humans military called Rune Knights and worked his way up there chain of command to watch them with the authority they will obey.

    Hair: White slicked back with black lines going back into the hair at the temples.
    Eyes: Red
    Skin: White
    Height: 6'7
    Weight: 240 lbs
    Special Characteristics: For his old like appearance Astaroth is quite muscular making his look quite deceiving to those that fight him. The oddest thing on his body which all Old Ones have is a crystal like core protruding from the center of his chest which is considered there heart.

    Guild: Rune Knight
    Guild Mark Location: Covering the entirety of his back
    Guild Mark Color: White with black outline
    Rank: A

    Re: Astaroth

    Post by Silver Wolf on Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:33 am

    Alright, seeing as your rank has been approved. I say this is good to go. Assuming that by 'none' for your sexual orientation means asexual, I dub this app approved

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