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    Digital Archive Invaders


    Digital Archive Invaders

    Post by Rai Stark on Sun Mar 20, 2016 9:13 am

    Magic Name Here: Digital Archive Invaders
    Element Here: N/A
    Primary/Secondary: Primary
    Character Specific/Non-Character Specific Specific
    Offensive/Defensive/Supportive/Mixed: Mixed

    The base of this magic is archive which is a magic that allows the user to convert information into magical data, which can be stored and used later. This information can be projected in a number of ways to Rai and those around him. Sometimes he uses the gauntlet on his right hand that has a touch screen on it. Other times he has the information projected into his visor similar to the HUD of a video game(This is the most frequent option used). Rarely when he needs to share the info with others he will project a large flat screen to share the info.
    Rai takes archive magic a step further by adding many additional offensive and defensive capabilities which is why he dubbed the magic Digital Archive Invaders, the first and last word of the name being the name of a video game he played when still in training with the Knight Star Guild. Not only does it have more offensive and defensive capabilities, but it also gives the user the ability to use more external tech items that they often times make themselves. These external tech items can be almost anything ranging from robots to missiles and lasers, to drones and tracking devices. Rai has 2 signature devices he uses with his magic known as the DAI Visor and Guantlet. The visor acts as a neural interface and HUD(Heads Up Display) to show Rai different aspects about his health, mental state, and magic reserves. It also shows him many different battlefield conditions, and he can control his DAI systems through his mind using the visor’s link to his mind and nervous system.. The gauntlet is a secondary way for Rai to access and interact with his equipment should his visor ever receive too much damage in combat or he is without it at the time.
    All of the equipment that Rai uses is all linked through a system that he calls the DAI Server. The server is maintained by Rai along with a artificial intelligence system Rai created known as AL. AL has a very manly voice with a slight robotic undertone to cut some of it away. With this system Rai is able to control and manipulate all of his equipment as well as check its status. The user also has access to all public information such as town and area maps, information on public figures, etc etc.

    Perks aren’t allowed right now fam

    Relies More on Technology Than Magic- The magic used is simply used as a power source for all the technology as it works more so than a traditional battery or other power source.
    Electricity Magic- Electricity can overload the techs’ systems and can cause a system reboot which will disable the tech for a short amount of time. Usually the electricity has to have a stronger power level than what his tech currently outputs.
    Water Magic- Water and technology don’t get along too much, luckily for us technology is taking advancements towards waterproofing.
    Constant Concentration- To run all the technology and keep up with the HUD in his visor it takes a lot of concentration.

    Technology Usage- Technology is used for many things in life such as medicine, offensive things(bombs, missiles, etc), and obviously computers. Rai can use his technology in all these ways plus more.
    Versatility- Since in real life technology has multiple uses, when used as part of this magic the same rules apply.

    Name: Telepathy
    Rank: D
    Range: Unlimited
    Appearance: N/A
    Description: A magic that allows the user to be able to talk with other people over long distances. The user can connect an unlimited number of people at an unlimited range, also while connected with others everyone that is connected can talk to each other.
    Extra: N/A

    Name: Scanning
    Rank: D
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: 15 meters
    Appearance: N/A
    Description: The user activates a scanning sentry drone which will collect miscellaneous data for things such as maps, notes, composition of materials and items and their abilities, as well as many other things. When used on people it can provide information such as weight, height, race, magic type, and guild if the tattoo is exposed. The user may also use this on a spell to analyze it and store information on it in their database. The drone can only scan a 15 meter area and is the small size of a tennis ball.
    Extra: N/A

    Name: Information Transfer
    Rank: D
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Unlimited
    Appearance: N/A
    Description: The user transfers information into another person’s mind. This is a very useful ability because the user can send information to their comrades in the field that they receive on a mental level. They can send anything including information on maps, spells, people etc.
    Extra: N/A
    Name: DAI World Sphere
    Rank: C
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: N/A
    Appearance: A sphere(usually a giant one) that he user creates that has several tiny archive screens floating around inside it.
    Description: The user creates a sphere that can range from 10 meters wide to 100 meters wide, depending on the space available. This sphere represents a globe and this globe is filled with many tiny archive screens. These screens show information about different areas and things in that area. Using a thought projection a user can “teleport” them to anywhere on the globe and also “teleport” them back. Another side feature is using the scan ability makes a save file of whatever was scanned. By referencing this save file and cross checking it you may find people and materials. For example if you scanned a person you may use the collected information to track them down, or someone who looks very similar. You may do the same thing with materials, which will enable you to do things such as find all the areas worldwide where a rare mineral or flower are.
    Extra: N/A

    Name: Digi Missile
    Rank: C
    Type: Offensive/AOE
    Range: 20 Meters
    Appearance: miniature rocket propelled grenade painted red and black with the letters DAI painted in white on the side.
    Description: The user shoots a mini missile from their gauntlet that travels 20 meters at 5 meters a second. The missile is a homing missile and follows the target while avoiding obstacles. Once it hits its target(or runs out of range) it creates an explosion that covers a 20 meter radius.
    Extra: N/A

    Name: Save/Load
    Rank: C
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: N/A
    Appearance: A black tessellated box of varying sizes
    Description: The user is able to seal people away in a black tessellated box. This process is referred to as saving. While in the box the user is in a safe zone meaning they cannot be harmed in any way however they also cannot harm anyone else. Also while inside this zone tracking the person becomes impossible because all traces of them(scent, vision, etc) disappear, tracking with technology or magic also become impossible. Releasing a person from the box is referred to as loading.
    Extra: N/A
    Name: Digi Laser
    Rank: B
    Type: Offensive
    Range: 20 meters
    Appearance: A red laser that is 2 meters in diameters.
    Description: The user shoots a laser from their gauntlet and fires it at the opponent. The laser travels 20 meters at a speed of 5 meters a second.
    Extra: N/A

    Name: Digi Shield
    Rank: B
    Type: Defensive
    Range: Self
    Appearance: Many overlapping red hexagons
    Description: The user shields themselves and nearby allies from attacks by projecting several overlapping hexagons that are 1 x 1 meter in size. The shields can go up and down to automatically protect the user or whoever they assign the shield to from attacks until they receive enough damage.
    Name: Predator Drone
    Rank: A
    Type: Offensive/Supplementary
    Range: 170 meters in the air
    Appearance: A standard size unmanned aerial drone with a camera, machine gun, and missile launcher.
    Description: The user calls forth a predator drone that acts similarly to the scanning sentry, as it flies around in the air and scans the battlefield but on a much larger scale. It is able to scan 60 meters of the area underneath it and upload the information to the DAI server for use by the user. The drone is also equipped with a single missile and a machine gun with explosive rounds. The missile is a homing missile that travels up to 30 meters before splitting into 2 dozen mini missiles that travel and barrage a 10 meter area.
    Extra: N/A

    Re: Digital Archive Invaders

    Post by Epitaphless on Wed Mar 23, 2016 1:26 pm

    Hiya! I'll be tackling your magic!

    First things First! Your strengths and weaknesses need to be swapped.

    Second, you need at least three strengths, which means four weaknesses as it states on the template.

    The next thing I've noticed is that none of your spells include mana costs in the descriptions. Those are as Follows:
    Costs you need:

    D-Rank is 2.5 mana
    C-Rank is 5.0 mana
    B-Rank is 7.0 mana
    A-Rank is 8.75 mana

    D-Rank spells max range are 15m and an AOE of 15m.

    Please begin here.

    Also please utilize magic regulations for terms of maximum sizes.

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    Re: Digital Archive Invaders

    Post by Ami~ on Sun May 29, 2016 9:07 am

    Hello. This app is now put into a 1 week time limit. As of now until a week of this reply, you need to bump this application once complete or to tell the staff that you are here and active. Otherwise, this will be placed in archives. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Digital Archive Invaders

    Post by Sponsored content

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