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    Compa [complete]



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    Compa [complete]

    Post by Compa on Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:45 am

    Name: Compa
    Nickname/Alias: the young nurse
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Birthday: February fourteenth
    Sexual Orientation: bi-sexual
    Alignment: lawfully neutral
    Race: Human

    Personality: Compa is a very joyous, happy and very lovable young girl that loves to keep people alive and well, make pudding for friends, family and even strangers that she likes and wants to feed/have a snack with. Compa has a big heart that doesn't seem to have a limit on how kind she is, with her innate ability to help people out when they need it, giving people a safe place to stay and a good meal to eat if they were hungry or homeless and didn't have any place to stay. Compa's attitude around others is a air head that is clueless about love and confessions from other people confessing their love to her, so she would just act innocent if anyone talks to her about love and is generally lost in thought a lot when people talk to her about love and doesn't pay any attention or just doesn't even understand what they are talking about. when in combat, Compa is a support fighter that just focuses on healing and not that much on attacking or causing bad ailments, and is only focused on healing injuries and status ailments that have been inflicted onto her allies. if Compa does attack, she tends to attack in a cute and very innocent way, either by giving a little slap or sticking her syringe into the foe with a small wink, while either giggling in a cute manner or with a smile on her face. Compa is still innocent and doesn't show much sign of maturity, so when she sees anything adult, she covers her eyes and pretends it isn't there, never wanting to see anything above her innocent nature, as it would make her very fidgety and flustered as she finds "adult" content too mature for her and it scares her very much.

    • playing nurse:Compa loves to play nurse and heal up people in anyway she can as she dreams to become the best nurse in the entire world.
    • exploring new places: Compa is a adventurous and free spirited young girl that loves to explore things that others are too scared to go into, and loves to see what is inside the places she is exploring.
    • Pudding: this delicious treat is what Compa loves to bake and make anytime she can, as she loves to bake this treat for everyone to share and talk over.


    • bad people: Compa is a very sweet and innocent young lady that has had bad experiences with bad people, so she dislikes them but not fear them
    • leaving people behind: Compa is a very kind person and is always wanting to help others but if she is forced to leave people behind, it makes her upset as she doesn't like doing that.
    • being bullied: Compa is very gentle so if she is bullied by people, she can't do a thing so she really doesn't like being bullied as then she won't be able to do a thing and then she will forever be bullied.


    • seeing her friends/family hurt: Compa had a dream one day where she saw all of her loved friends and family get slaughtered and killed right in front of her and she was unable to do a thing, and that fear has caused her to be very protective over everyone she considers her friends and her family.
    • killing someone who Compa is healing: Compa is very scared of accidentally killing a patient she is trying to heal, it is very scary and would make her worry she isn't a good nurse.
    • being beaten up by her friends: Compa is a very gentle person so she is very scared that she will be beaten up by the people she considered her friends and not be able to talk it out.


    • to make a lot of people happy: Compa dreams to be a great nurse and making people happy is just part of the job for Compa.
    • protect people from bad people: a good person to the end, Compa is motivated to protect others because she feels like it is her duty to protect people that can't protect themselves.
    • becoming a reliable nurse: Compa is still a nurse in training but she still wants to get better so then she can become a reliable nurse so then she can heal everyone she can without letting anyone die

    Hair: peachy pink and mid long, down to her shoulders
    Eyes: peach
    Skin: darker white
    Height: one meter fifteen centimeters
    Weight: 30 kilograms
    Compa's appearance:
    Special Characteristics:non

    Guild: cait shelter
    Guild Mark Location: right hand palm
    Guild Mark Color: Pink

    Re: Compa [complete]

    Post by Silver Wolf on Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:55 am

    Hi there! Just a reminder that your app is still pending. Keep in mind that this will be archived within a week if no replied have been made to alert us that you are still here. Thanks!


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    Re: Compa [complete]

    Post by Compa on Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:31 am

    Sorry... i have been really busy... I'll try my best to get this done.


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    Re: Compa [complete]

    Post by Compa on Thu Apr 07, 2016 3:05 am

    Completed, Bumpy!


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    Re: Compa [complete]

    Post by Roulette on Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:07 am

    Approving. Just keep in mind that the magic sections you added in cannot be used until they have approved in the magic section. That said, have fun!

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    Re: Compa [complete]

    Post by Sponsored content

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