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    Rylan Kura's character application


    Rylan Kura's character application

    Post by Rylan the Prodigy on Thu Mar 17, 2016 6:22 pm

    Name: Rylan
    Nickname/Alias: Rylan the Prodigy
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Birthday: July 30th
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Race: Demon
    Rylan was created by a man who's name is forgotten, he is the one that created Rylan and wanted him to be something he could not be. A perfect demon, but Rylan's intelligence and power was something he feared he could not control, so before Rylan reached the age of 10 he abandoned him. Rylan is a demon that closely resembles a human except that he has a 3rd eye on his forehead which he can close and open. When it's closed it disappears from his forehead, when looking closely you can see that inside his eye there's another one that's vertical. Apart from that he has the same appearance as a human.

    Personality: Rylan grew up to be a bitter person that was always locked up and needed to improve himself daily to be the perfect being. His creator created him to be the perfect thing something he could not achieve but put his faith in him. Thanks to that he rarely got to see sunrise, his ability to pick up things quickly was astonishing according his creator. The way Rylan was progressing was scaring him, he was already deemed a prodigy at age 4 and had already mastered speaking multiple languages. Everything seemed way too easy for him, thanks to that he developed a calm nature, he's very calm no matter what the situation might be. Rylan thinks nothing is able to stop him, he catches onto things real fast and is rarely surprised by anything he sees. He's able to analyse things quick and able to counter it with no problem. He also has a great memory which almost never fails him, that's why he reads a lot of books to keep evolving himself and change his perspectives. He trusts almost no one except his guild members.

    That's because he trusts his guild master a lot, he's the one that gave him a new home, he'll also do anything to keep his guild safe and will punish anyone willing to harm it. Outside of battle he likes to rest and read books no matter the genre, but strictly avoids books that he already read he hates reading everything twice. When he's fighting someone he makes sure that he knows his opponent by analysing him during the battle, if it's someone stronger than he'll flee the battle or change the environment by something that gives him the advantage. If it can't be helped he'll just get it over with and do whatever he can do to win the fight.

    - Reading: He likes to read because of his good memory he's able to remember things much easier and so he widen his perspective and/or make him stronger.
    - Playing the piano: Playing the piano was something he learnt to do before he could play, whenever frustrated he lets his emotions take over and play the piano to relieve stress.
    - Fighting: He likes to see how far he is from his goal, to do so he must fight every strong opponent to see if he's getting closer or not.

    - Candy: Rylan never liked candy, he does not hate all candy but hates the majority of them because they taste awful to him. He'll almost instantly puke up when he has eaten one.
    - Cocky people: He dislikes such people because they mostly appear ignorant to him, if you're so much better than the other no need to flaunt it in front of other people. It's pisses him off.
    - Weak people: He does not hate weak people, but people who are weak and do nothing to improve, because you're just wasting your potential by doing nothing might as well die.

    - Not being able to achieve perfectness: His primary goal is to achieve perfectness, it's the reason why he was created and he will definitely achieve it. It's something he lives for currently.
    - Spiders: He's scared of spiders because they look like scary creatures to him, especially their legs and eyes he just shivers when he encounters one.
    - Being kicked out of the guild: He currently lives for his goal to be perfect and his guild members, if either were to be taken apart it'd be a huge shock to him as he dedicated so much time in being part of the guild.

    - His creators dream: His creator basically stamped in his head to be the perfect dream even when he was abandoned he cannot help it to achieve perfectness, it's something he must do.
    - His guild: His guild is something he currently lives for along with his dream, if he's not able to be in the guild his life would be 50% more meaningless, that means he put all his effort in being part of the guild for nothing.
    - The world: Besides his creators dream he also has a dream for himself, that is to conquer the world. If he's able to do that he does not know himself, but he's willing to try.

    Hair: Rylan's hair is black colored and hangs mostly down.
    Eyes: Red.
    Skin: Pale
    Height: 183 CM
    Weight: 72,5 KG
    Appearance: A tall and slim looking person that looks quite normal for someone his age. His eyes always stand out the first because it's not something you see everyday, besides the red color he also has a vertical looking eye inside his eye and within that one his pupils. People often are curious and their reaction mostly vary from being surprised and admiring it to surprised and being frightened by it, his hair color is black with a white in the middle of it. Rylan mostly wears black pants with a white shirt and mostly covers himself with a brown cloak that he mostly wears because it's comfortable for him.
    Special Characteristics:
    A third eye on his forehead and his abnormal looking eyes.

    Guild: Draco Maledicte
    Guild Mark Location: On the middle of his back
    Guild Mark Color: Purple
    Rank: A rank

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    Re: Rylan Kura's character application

    Post by Ami~ on Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:39 pm

    Approved, welcome to the site Rylan

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