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    Ellie Swan


    Ellie Swan

    Post by Ellie Swan on Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:01 pm

    Name: Elliot L. Swan
    Nickname/Alias: Ellie, Umbra
    Gender: Female
    Age: 32 years old (physically and mentally 15)
    Birthday: July 13
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Race: Conduit

    The race of broken humans, these are humans who have had an unnatural amount of ethernano flow through them, either forcefully or through the use of unmastered magic. They are cursed with the burden of an unnaturally long life, often spanning centuries, stuck at the physical age of the ethernano slamming into their soul. While it is not known why the Conduit, or derogatorily known as "Soulless", are able to withstand the boundaries of time, it is speculated by top scientists that their physical essence has become detached from what made them human, essentially ghosts with corporeal form. While the promise of immortality is tempting, it is extremely risky due to the very small threshold between becoming a Conduit and outright dying, usually about 1/10 survive the intense amount of ethernano. The Conduit are typically treated as lower-class citizens, and usually keep to themselves. They look like average humans, but with one key exception: they typically have a mix of two colors in their eyes, one which they were born with, the other a signal of their conduitism (referred to as natural and unnatural respectively).


    Quiet and mysterious, Ellie doesn't exactly stand out in a crowd. She's an introvert at heart, something only magnified by her status as a conduit. She is a casual daydreamer, often times becoming child-like and lighthearted in her imagination. As a young girl she was called delusional for spending so much time in her own head. Unfortunately, her experience has taught her that anyone with a remote semblance of innocence in this world is promptly crushed into the ground, and she has adopted a much more forceful persona. She is efficient and ruthless when it comes to battling, not hesitating to cut foes down when if it improves her chances of winning. She is manipulating and cruel, not seemingly caring for how others perceive her. Not aligned with good or evil, Ellie can be seen as a wild-card, and therefore a liability, to all around her. Still, she makes for a powerful ally, being extremely proficient in magic and manipulation. Her small stature rarely factors into her battle ability, and she dislikes comments about it. In fact, Ellie is rarely ever visibly angry, but make a comment on her stature and she goes ballistic. She tries not to break rules needlessly, but has no qualms with doing so if the need should ever arise. Despite being impartial to both good or evil, she is extremely loyal to one thing; her friends. She fiercely defends anyone who might be considered close to her, even at the risk of her own life, and tends to come out of her shell when she's around friends. While she doesn't usually partake in anything romantic, she oftentimes pushes her friends together and to follow their hearts, a symbol of her lasting regret from not living her adolescence to the fullest.

    -Water: She's fascinated by water, specifically moving water, from her time as a child.
    -Birds: Her favourite animal is the quetzal, as she has always been fascinated by the power of flight.
    -Chess: She enjoys the calculating nature and the strategy behind each move.
    -Cats: After being scratched several thousand times by her childhood cat, she has a hard time liking them now.
    -Loud Noises: As a very quiet girl, she doesn't like screaming or busy crowds.
    -Indoors: She dislikes any time she has to spend inside, much preferring to be out in the woods or the city.
    -Pyrophobia: She was badly burned as a child, causing her to flinch whenever she sees fire.
    -Astraphobia: She has a paralyzing fear of anything celestial.
    -Monophobia: She dislikes being alone for a long period of time.
    -To see the world: Ellie left the temple she had grown up in to see the world, and desires that above all else.
    -To protect her allies: Ellie is fiercely loyal to those she trusts, regardless of their lot in life. If you threaten her or them, you're in for a bad time.
    -To cure her Conduitism: Ellie, as a relatively new conduit, is in the denial stage of her loss, seeking to regain her humanity in any way possible.

    Hair: Long, nape-length, straight white hair.
    Eyes: Blue (natural), purple (unnatural).
    Skin: Light
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 110 lbs.

    Special Characteristics: Her eyes tend to rarely show emotion, despite her true feelings.

    Guild: Caduceus Scale
    Guild Mark Location: Right shoulder-blade
    Guild Mark Color: Azure
    Rank: D Rank

    Re: Ellie Swan

    Post by Axel Tengoku on Fri Mar 18, 2016 10:02 pm

    Approved. Welcome to Fairy Tail Haven!

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