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    Arianna Nox Artis Empty Arianna Nox Artis

    Post by Arya on Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:49 pm

    Arianna Nox Artis

    Character Name:  Arianna Nox Artis
    Nickname: Arya
    Alias: Nox
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19 years
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Faction: Watcher
    Allegiance: Lemnos


    Arya is a rather small woman, standing only at 5'4". Her skin is tan, often mucked with grease and sweat, and houses several small cuts from her days on the street. She has short, stright hair the color of bark, cut in a bob with one braid running down the right side of her head. Her most distinguishing feature is her eyes, as she is heterochromatic, possessing one green eye and one blue eye. She has trouble seeing through her green eye, and often aims with only one eye open.She wears a white short-sleeved shirt with a small red hood alongside dark pants, allowing her to remain inconspicuous undercover. She carries two magical pistols in harnesses at her sides, plated silver and gold, with a strange blue glow that allow her to harness the power of the elements.


    If you have something Arya wants, you are going to give it to her, or she'll die trying. She is a persistent, almost stupidly stubborn individual, and will go to any lengths to fulfill her sworn duty. She can come across as sarcastic, loud-mouthed, and rude, but she cares deeply for those she trusts, and will do anything to help those few people. She strives to prove herself to those around here, even if it means taking unnecessary risks and endangering herself and/or others. This is mostly due to feeling inferior due to not possessing innate magic, and she will bring you down faster than a stack of bricks if you look down on her for it.

    Despite her rough exterior persona and combat skills, Arya is quite shy when it comes to social interactions, often preferring to remain quiet to avoid embarrassment. She becomes gradually more social the more she trusts a person however, and is known to be quite rowdy and mischievous when around people she knows well. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get to that point with her. Years on living off nothing have caused her to be wary of all, maintaining her guard for as long as possible.

    Arya, despite having been raised for a portion of her life, is unfamiliar with many other cultures besides the ones in Lemnos. She rarely travels from her homeworld, and is hesitant to experience new things, preferring to stick with what she's comfortable with. Therefore, she is often oblivious to cultural traditions and ideals, occasionally coming off and insensitive. While she doesn't mean to cause disrespect, her snarky attitude does her no favours.

    This obliviousness also translates to the romantic portion of her life. She rarely becomes enamoured with anyone, and if she does, it is for a few days at best. Unfortunately, she is completely unable to read others when it comes to how they feel about her, despite being quite good at reading people normally. If someone were to come on to her, she would probably just consider them weird and move on. Still, if she were to settle down romantically, she would be dedicated to the person to the point of insanity, as those are the morals she has raised herself on.

    While in combat, Arya takes no prisoners. She fires quickly and ferociously, earning the nickname "The Lion's Roar" due to the loud sounds of her pistols firing immediately as a battle begins. She uses her speed and agility to her advantage, darting into cover and shadows in order to avoid a heavy blow. While many in her position would be intimidated going up against magic users, she seems to only battle harder, striving to prove herself. She also tends to find the most opportune moments to strike, and won't hesitate to stalk her prey for hours before finally striking.

    She is quite strategic, having great intuition and battle sense, but rarely develops the trust and communication with her teammates that is needed to utilize it. She can easily read a battlefield, but rarely communicates this to any of her friends. She also seems to have a good grasp of human logic, able to predict and outsmart her opponents through crafty maneuvers. She has no problem playing dirty, as it's all for the greater good. This includes sneak attacks and headshots.

    Despite striving for the good of humankind, as well as all the other races, she rarely judges those she teams up with. If she is paired with a team of villains and ruffians, she won't hesitate, so long as they are all pursuing a goal she finds acceptable. This is due to the fact that she tends to see the big picture, both on and off the battlefield, and knows that her resolve is stronger than theirs.

    Arya takes incredible pride in her marksmanship, training constantly to improve it. She spends nearly all her free time doing so, ridiculously dedicated. In the event that she is not training, she is often tinkering with machines and lacrima, attempting to create a new tool for her arsenal. These plans often come to her in dreams, designs and ideas beyond her wildest dreams, and she fuels that into her work. She has a soft spot for animals of all kinds, usually believing they understand her better than the humans around her.


    Raised by parents with wealth, Arianna rarely had trouble through the first portion of her life. Despite growing up in the fire world of Lemnos, her parents became rich nearly overnight after discovering a new ore that could be used to create some of the strongest weapons in the world. Her father, Arthur Artis, was a simple mechanic, and he passed his love of machines and gadgets to Arianna, and she often helped him at work. Her mother, Laurel Artis, was an adventurer, searching the world for rare treasures, and was the one responsible for discovering the ore.

    Arianna had an brother, Calem, by whom she was two years younger. Calem was an interesting child, constantly training with his friend Reiner to join the military. He was obsessed with the military, and spent his days and nights dreaming of his future. One day, however, Calem discovered he could shoot light out of his hands while training with Reiner. He immediately told his parents, who were worried about the affects of this discovery. Arianna, only ten years old at the time, never quite understood why it was such a big deal. The family kept Reiner's powers a secret, hiring a magic coach to train him privately. With only the family, Reiner, and the magic coach knowing of Calem's powers, they felt moderately safe. Calem's powers only grew, and so did Arianna's jealousy.

    She continued helping her father in his shop over the next few years, becoming able to fix simple machines in a flash. Her father continually expressed his approval to her, but her mother was focused so much on Calem, she acknowledged Arianna coolly, if at all. This made Arianna furious, but she had no one to vent to, given that she had no genuine friends and her father was married to his wife for a reason. With her brother and mother drifting farther away from her, and unable to talk to her father about her feelings, she internalized them. This would be the downfall of her family.

    On the day of her 13th birthday, Arianna discovered that her mother was fawning over Calem in the backyard instead of celebrating. Finally snapping, she ran out the door, heading into the market. There, she discovered a few men wandering around, asking if anyone had seen any magic users in the area. Finally deciding to let her frustrations known, she vented to the men about her brother, before firmly marching home. Still frustrated, she ignored her father and stomped up to her room, lying down for a nap.

    Arianna awoke to the sound of a blast, shaking the very foundation of her home. Sneaking down the stairs, she discovered her father, singed badly and barely alive on the floor. Desperately, he urged her into the closet nearby, telling her not to leave until the noises stopped. For a while, she hid in there, only her father's ragged breaths for comfort. After what felt like forever, she heard footsteps alongside voices coming closer to her location. Peaking out of the doorway, she saw a few of the men, wielding flaming sword, enter the living room, with one holding her brother hostage and another holding the head of Laurel Artis, hair singed by a flaming sword. They swiftly finished her father off, and it took all of her willpower to keep silent. She closed the door again, holding in her tears, and waited until the sounds retreated from the empty household. Stepping out of her closet, she ran past the dead bodies of her parents and out the door. There, she saw a large symbol emblazoned on the front of the house. The military crest.

    Calem had been recruited.

    She ran as fast as she could, fleeing as far as she could from the house she grew up in. Her dress ragged and torn, no one believed she was high-class, and she wound up in the slums. There, she was taught by a few ragtag streetrats how to survive as a wanderer, but Arianna was never happy. She took the nickname Arya, attempting to avoid any association with her old life, and survived for four years on the street though sheer ingenuity and wits.

    At seventeen years old, Arya was still angry. She dreamt of her parents, of her brother, every night. One night, moonless and eerie, she felt something reach out to her, calling for vengeance. It planted an idea in her head. A blueprint. When she awoke, she immediately began searching for materials.

    Arya was going to build her first gun.

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    Arianna Nox Artis Empty Re: Arianna Nox Artis

    Post by Ami~ on Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:49 pm

    Approved, but know that the gun's elemental harness abilities as well as the gun itself will not be used until your magic has been registered.

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