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    Hiroko R. Trajada



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    Hiroko R. Trajada

    Post by Takeshi on Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:10 pm

    Name: Hiroko R. Trajada
    Nickname/Alias: Rangoon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Birthday: February 13th
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Alignment: Lawful good
    Race: Human

    Hiroko is a very enthusiastic person. He loves helping others and will do anything in his hands to help other people. His insane need to help gets to the point where he can't say no to anything as long as it doesn't harm anyone or anything. He is very friendly with people in general and he expresses himself with ease, but it's with the woman he loves where it gets complicated to talk. He can't be as expressive with her than with everyone else and can sometimes suffer from some panic attacks. He also is quite somehow a try hard to help people, or at least when something's wrong with him. When he is sad or worried or simply mad, he can try to hard to help people and sometimes mess things up.

    Hiroko doesn't like to drink alcohol, if someone invites him to drink, he will reject the invitation and try to stand firm in his decision, but almost everyone can convince him to after insisting a bit just as he ends up agreeing with anyone if they push him enough. Hiroko loves chatting and parties to socialize, but again, he doesn't likes to eat unhealthy unless it's to eat something sweet and he's also vegetarian (quick fact). Hiroko doesn't like fighting and will usually avoid harming people or any living being if it's not necessary, however, if he finds it necessary, he won't hold back no matter what his mission is. He is always quite stubborn sometimes and can easily get mentally destroyed by the enemy if they know which strings to pull, it's quite common for Hiroko to make mistakes when his emotions are flowing to fast inside of him, but he is still very smart and can surprise even the most intelligent people while he calmed and happy. Happiness is the one thing he looks for, not only for him but for everyone around.
    -Helping people. Hiroko is a very nice person and loves helping people. He enjoys the tinniest of the good things he can do such as helping someone find their stuff or do the laundry for someone else.
    -Sunny days. It's the one thing that can easily change Hiroko's mood. A sunny and shinning day will usually make him always feel happy, but just sunny days, not actually hot days.
    -Sweet food. He loves sweet food, even if he usually eats healthy, he loves it. His favorite food are cookies, chocolate chip to be specific.
    -Sadness. He can't take seeing someone sad. He loves helping, but he helps to see people happy, it's simply something he hates looking at.
    -Power. He thinks power is the number one thing that leads people to greedy decisions. People are usually blinded by this and do things they shouldn't. This is why Hiroko hates so much the concept or word itself.
    -Bad people. As a lawful person that gives his life only to help others, he can't take bad people. But in Hiroko's case, there is absolutely nothing he hates more, this is probably his weak spot since these people can easily manipulate Hiroko's feelings.
    -Not being able to protect Arya. Yes, she is the number two reason (after helping people) for him to live and actually be a mage. He loves her and wouldn't be able to take her loss because of him being weak.
    -Sharks. He is afraid of sharks. Hiroko never really liked the ocean, and knowing something big can suddenly emerge from the deep and eat him is terrifying for him.
    -Not being able to help people. This could be maybe losing his magic or being heavily injured. It's what he lives for, he can't live without helping.
    -Helping people. This is his number one priority. He only lives to protect people, he will sacrifice anything he has as a person to protect those around him.
    -Make his guild grow. After some time in his guild, he has learned to love it and not only it's guild master. This is why he will do everything to help people there to grow and make it a bigger guild.
    -Arya Artis. She is the love of his life. Hiroko decided to become a professional mage instead of a street one just to get closer to her. Since he saw her, he fell in love with that girl and decided to meet her somehow. He'll do anything to protect her and maybe someday marry her.

    Hair: Blue hair. Neck length.
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: Light
    Height: 5'8'' (1.75 meters)
    Weight: 145 pounds (66 kilograms)
    Special Characteristics: -

    Guild: Pygmy Rabbit
    Guild Mark Location: In his upper back.
    Guild Mark Color: Dark Blue
    Rank: A Rank

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    Re: Hiroko R. Trajada

    Post by Ami~ on Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:32 pm

    Rangoon wrote:Hiroko doesn't like to drink alcohol, it's not that he rejects it, but it's not something he'll pay to do.... he doesn't likes to eat unhealthy unless it's to eat something sweet and he's also vegetarian (quick fact).

    That info belongs in the likes/dislikes section since it doesn't exactly detail how he acts. Please change that and bump when edits are made


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    Re: Hiroko R. Trajada

    Post by Takeshi on Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:35 pm



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    Re: Hiroko R. Trajada

    Post by Ami~ on Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:28 pm

    After a three minute debate in the cbox I say this is approved reluctantly.......

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    Re: Hiroko R. Trajada

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