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    Raijin meets Centurion...

    Ourea Keita

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    Raijin meets Centurion...

    Post by Ourea Keita on Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:09 pm

    The gentle breeze would slowly and quietly fill in the void, the never ending void that surrounded the boy. As he would proceed through the vast imagination, the great possibilities, and the never ending changes that could transpire the terrible screaming, the agony, the destruction it was the echo's that woke him from never ending suffering that he would endure for the rest of his days. His chest heavy his body, drenched in sweat, his eyes would pierce open revealing a beautiful, peaceful world among the tree tops. The pitter patter of his heart was seemingly pounding throughout his body forcing him to swiftly rise from the branch he would have been resting on.

    "Is it morning already, and here I thought I would be able to sleep peacefully for once in my life."

    His gaze was still a bit hazy, and his mind trying to catch back up and separate reality from the past. He would slowly rub his balled up fist into his eyes gentle waking them and attempting to adjust to the new found light piercing through them. The fresh smell of within what this boy would call the garden of Eden would be the first step to putting a blissful smile upon his face.

    As he would come more and more in composure his what was once panic reaction would become more graceful, as he would begin to start moving it was as if his body was caught in a rhythm he couldn't picture other than fourteen blacked out images of.  Thus he would move every joint with precision, his starting with bobbing his head he would then slowly begin to twist his torso from side to side continuing slowly down to his feet as they would scrap against the bark. The crunch that would be heard was the only sound that could be heard for miles upon miles as he zoned out inching moment after moment closer to his regalia before eventually stepping into them as if they were indeed part of his body.

    He would let a slight whisper escape his fuschia colored lips as he would be procced to put slight pressure on his front feet accelerating the gears within his regalia and he would summersault within the air his legs reaching toward the heavens as his hands would dance around his body as the leaves would dance around them.

    "I have to keep going; I have to keep moving."

    With this, he would set out to find something, anything to do. As he would float through the air, he would watch as the scenery was ever changing. Thus what would happen next who or what would grab his attention and allow him to experience anything other than misery for yet another moment. It would have to something extraordinary and unique to its right. His movements were gathering more friction and strong current he was indeed showing signs of his once great electric personality.  Thus it would begin the rise or fall of the Raijin King.

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