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    Questions and Answers

    Questions and Answers Empty Questions and Answers

    Post by Historia on Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:29 pm

    The City was smelling as it usually did; of oil, metal and the bitter tang of copper as a nearby craftsmen haggled with one another over the price of their goods. It was the usual business until a loud bang filled the air as a frazzled-looking woman stumbled out of a building now emitting black smoke followed by an angry looking merchant bellowing over the woman almost killing him with her damn crystals. A glimmer of orange flickered through the darkened air as the woman began yelling back about how valuable and 'dangerous' it was to be so reckless. Nearby fellow merchants managed to calm the foul atmosphere with the talk of drinks to calm the nerves, the merchant grumbled in agreement. While the woman was offered a hand up, which was received with a harsh glare as if it were a poisonous snake and stood up on her own. A massive volume appeared with a flick of her hand as she gently returned the crystal back to it's proper place.

    Turning on her heel as passerbys could catch dark words about all the idiots in the world, that her research was too advanced for mankind. The volume floated behind her like a little puppy as if waiting to be opened once again. It was an enchanted book as anyone could say a floating book was abnormal..then again Historia wasn't exactly normal herself. Her pink heels clicked against the metal sheet of street as ruby eyes glared at anyone lingering in her path. Only a few bystanders went slack-jawed by the singular piece of decoration on her person..the pale skull of some beast turned into a helm of some sort or was mere fashion statement to ward off stupid questions. Her only priority was that as Researcher...everything else became background noise when she was in this particular mood. All that she wished now after that failed attempt to market one of her creations was a cup of hot tea...

    Said creation was locked away in that brilliant orange crystal as if waiting to be born into the world. In simpler terms it was a combination of flesh and bone..with interior adjustments of wiring and magic..brilliant orange irses giving away it's non-existence. A shiver of excitement never failed to jolt down Historia's spine upon seeing her a creation as its maw opened and closed to simulate the act of breathing. All replications of the specimen it once was...an extremely life-like replica..now dancing to Historia's whim. A few outspoken critics called it unnatural that act of combining living creatures and technology..all to be used as a tool for a Watcher. Historia would merely shrug and state it was better than letting a corpse go to rot..and all the more fascinating to put it use other then being food for the maggots and worms..But who would ever understand her work..

    Questions and Answers Empty Re: Questions and Answers

    Post by Gaia Hades on Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:07 pm

    Above the city, a large, imposing ship crawled through the air at a lethargic pace, chugging along with smoke rising from its hull and various places on deck. It was as if it were being held together by dreams and pixie dust in the state that it was in! It soared above the street that Historia happened to be walking along, casting a massive shadow over it, before it practically crashed into an open-roof building where other ships were currently docked for repairs. The bystanders went completely silent for a moment before continuing on, whispering about the ship that had just docked itself in, "That couldn't have been...? No, I think it was. Are you serious? I thought he'd been dead by now! I hear that he's a one man crew...he's insane! No, you idiot. He gets the souls of the dead to pilot his ship for him! That sounds even dumber, you know." Rumors about the ship buzzed like busy bees across the street, becoming the talk of the town.

    Meanwhile, inside the shipyard, the atmosphere was filled with panic! Workers rushed from place to place, grabbing buckets of water to toss against the flames slowly taking over the ship! In their haste, they failed to recognize the logo emblazoned on the side of it: A rising sun, the symbol of the noble family in Earthland. "Ahaha! Take care of this old thing, would ya? I've earned myself a bit of vacation time if you ask me!" A sudden voice coming from the railing alerted the workers to a presence, the man himself, Gaia Hades. He stood upon the railing, holding onto a rope with one hand while he leaned over the side, peering down at the ground below. It was a massive drop, something that no sane man would attempt. And yet...in that instant, Gaia let go of the rope and let himself fall to the ground, curling his left arm by his side before thrusting it forward just before impact! The sound of metal against concrete rang out through the building, leaving the workers stunned at the display they'd just witnessed.

    And yet, Gaia stood back up, entirely unharmed. One look at his left arm was all the explanation that was needed. A jet black armor coated his entire left arm, ending with dangerous looking claws and traced with orange, glowing metal. Something like that had to have been forged tough and durable, even enough to break someone's fall. The headman of the shipyard, a rugged man who looked as though he could crush iron, ran up to the man right at the moment that he'd landed, socking him right in the jaw! The insane man crumbled to the ground at the headman's attack, holding his cheek, "Hey, ow! What the hell was that for, old man!?" The larger man cracked his neck, crossing his iron-clad arms with a grunt, "Whaddaya think, you buffoon? You've created quite the mess in my shipyard. I hope you plan on paying for the damages as well as for your repairs, dumbass."

    Gaia quickly sat back up, his golden eyes shining bright as he stepped backwards towards the ship, "Oh, why didn't ya just say so in the first place? I'm well aware of how much I need to pay...and I'm sure that this--" The man took his armored hand and smacked it into the hull of the ship, causing the whole thing to tremor...before a large, golden statue fell from the ship and slammed into the ground right in front of him! "...will pay for that a thousand times over." Gaia peeked around the corner, an obnoxious grin plastered on his face.

    Now free to walk the city without being hounded for the damages he'd caused, Gaia strolled out of the shipyard with one goal in mind: To relax, get drunk, and find a woman to bed with for the night. Objectives A and B were quickly put to the side, however, once he got his eyes on a peculiar looking woman walking down the street in pink heels tappin' and a beast's skull on her head. The golden-eyed man casually strolled past the woman before doing a u-turn, ending up right back next to her, "Well, well, what's a gorgeous woman like you doing walking around in a fashion nightmare like that? Oh, don't get me wrong. I love your style." Gaia displayed his gothic-styled arm, curling the claw-like hand in a show-offy manner, "But I am curious as to the how and why. I doubt you're just some eccentric rich girl, in a place like this." His eyes shined with mischief, not even attempting to hide his interest in her. However, his eyes weren't only on her physical features...but also on the floating book beside her. Her entire atmosphere, as well, was oddly peculiar to him...and if there was one thing he liked most, it was odd and peculiar things.

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