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    Ourea "Guard" Keita [Done]

    Ourea Keita
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    Ourea "Guard" Keita [Done] Empty Ourea "Guard" Keita [Done]

    Post by Ourea Keita on Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:17 pm

    Ourea "Guard" Keita [Done] GCws3fw
    Character Template
    Character Name: Ourea Keita
    Nicknames/Alias: Guard, Black Burn, or Raijin
    Gender + Sexuality: Male + Heterosexual
    Age: Twenty Four
    Guard is a slim man of a relatively tall height standing at around six feet three and weighing in around two hundred pounds. He has faint shadows right under his yellow eyes from long nights at the "Office" and early morning attempting to atone for his sins. Though his mouth can always be seen in a smile more times than not, it is mostly a facade hiding the heavy burdens that weigh down on himself. His dark hair, a majority of which is obscured, usually cover most things other than his sideburns and a small goatee. However, he mostly just looks like your average joe usually wearing his standard holder mage equipment on his feet that take the appearance of roller blades, accompanied with a loose fitting hoodie and pants.
    Race: Gravity Child
    Special Characteristics: Other than the tattoos that are across his body and the unique eyes that he posses Guard doesn't have any special characteristics that would be shown at any time.

    Somber, Emotionless, Stern these shall be the only emotions that one would ever know of guard at least if you see him on the battlefield. He doesn't enjoy the meaningless violence or even what some would consider the thrill of life or death situation nay; he finds it dull and humorless to the point that the only times he truly would even draw his sword is through the order of self-survival in which the world has shown to be. However, he truly isn't a plain and ordinary individual as he would be if on the battlefield choosing rather enjoy life off of it striving to seek new experiences and pleasures that you may have never found if he continued down the dark path he is now set on.

    Thus his true self could be better described as Mellow, Joyful, humorous at least in his mind, and Sarcastic, and remorseful choosing to act as he did when he was truly alive and not the shell of the man he once was. He truly isn't anything that would scream a Violent individual though in a place of war and chaos you adapt and truly that is one thing he is well endowed within. His philosophy is that similar to the religious views of Buddhist observance of moral precepts, renunciation of craving and attachment, the practice of meditation including calm and insight, the cultivation of wisdom, loving-kindness, and compassion.

    Thus though his work may seem to interfere with these points, it is what makes him find the right within his wrong doings. For karma is a cycle that no man, woman, or being can escape from thus allowing Guard to think that even though he may be saving the world from one monster, he in himself is creating another that shall have his moment of redemption or reckoning. Therefore, the man is formerly known as Bardo to live his life to the fullest while it shall allow him for within his breed there is always an expiration date that no one can escape.

    His secret passion(s) are in art and music, loving the sound of talented individuals speaking through their struggle, pain, happiness, or love though there isn't anything like when art can scream at your from the parchment. Or canvas grabbing ahold of your emotions and displaying them for those who may not be able to do it themselves voluntarily. Allowing people from around the world to connect via culture and artwork.

    Wishing to bring laughter and happiness to all those around him, he truly plays the part of the class clown or the goofy guy that everyone loves but can't stand being around long. His dark path that he walks isn't who he is but rather what he does holding nothing over his mind for salvation within his work is what he seeks. Though in the same instant not taking it seriously as some of his fellow organization members would like him to but attempting to prove that he doesn't have to become what his group desires. Thus keeping his life light and his mind clear with dark humor, sarcasm, and goofy expressions and the occasional showing of willful ignorance.

    So, in short, he is a man of an optimistic nature, attempted charismatic characteristics, creativity, and trying to prove to the world that not everyone may be who they seem on the surface. That the old phrase you cannot judge a book by its cover or its past to be very much accurate. Furthermore, though he is a man seeking enlightenment it is a process, and he does still fall victim to his urges unable to resist a good perverted joke or the beauty found with his eyes that may not always be on the canvas.


    • Tattoos: The Art of the skin it has always been a fascination of Guard feeling that it is one of the most beautiful forms of self-expression showing truly who you are with no care as to what others may say or think. Taking an idea, picture, or scripture you hold dear or perhaps just desire and displaying it upon your skin forever shows to him great resolve and infatuation with that of the art work and he would never judge someone but rather praise them for their choices in body art.

    • Swimming: The crisp air, the soothing feeling of something taking your body on a slow or perhaps rapid adventure, the sense of the water dripping off every part of your body.  These all appeal to the man on a spiritual level as if reviving your body over and over with ever jump, dive, or a stroke of your body within the water. It is peaceful, pure, and exciting with all the different activities and ways you can swim or simply be in water period that just make Guard feel at home like nowhere else has ever made him feel.

    • Storms:The Lightning lighting up the night sky, deafening thunder drowning out ever your thoughts, and the pitter patter of rain falling onto the land soothes Ourea like no other putting him in a false sense of Nirvana that he hasn't yet obtained. The Darkness masking the moments he wishes no one to see it all brings him a bliss thought lost through the passage of time.


    • Ignorance: Simply put Ignorance just something that someone who is attempting to reach enlightenment wouldn't understand or even enjoy to be around, the thought of someone simply speaking or acting on something they knew nothing about is absurd and idiotic. Thus Guard doesn't simply dislike it but rather hates it and only even entertains the idea of his own life for he is a shadow that must at times act ignorant for the better outcome of his situation. For he believes that if ignorance wasn't apart of society than perhaps there would be less needless murder, wars, and hunger.

    • His Family: Ourea dislikes his family for the simple reason of their existence, everything about them is the depth of the fallen, and they see pleasure and joy in their infamous status within the underworld. They love killing, ignorant individuals, and the greed of the nations all across the lands. It is disgusting to him, and he wishes he would break free from the people that threw him within the life he has now.  That is why he strives every day to be better than the last and stand above them instead of beside them.

    • Evil:The pit of darkness that the world is trying to arise from within always seems to drag the weakly minded back down into what they have already escaped. Thus he despises evil being cheating, stealing,  ignorance, and murderers. Or even things of that nature or relative similarity though this sometimes conflicts with his actions he vies that his repentance of what he does at least helps him atone for what he has done where others enough it and live for it.


    Alignment: True Neutral (Neutral - Neutral)
    Faction; Country: Watcher ; Eden
    Extra: Guard is one the only fourteen known Gravity children left alive to this day, as many were considered "failures" and killed on site after creation.

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    Post by Silver Wolf on Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:55 pm


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