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    Fang Tojo

    Fang Tojo Empty Fang Tojo

    Post by Fang Tojo on Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:32 pm

    Fang Tojo Kg28JXQ
    Character Template

    Character Name: Fang Tojo
    Nicknames/Alias: Centurion
    Gender + Sexuality: Male | Heterosexual
    Age: 500
    Appearance: Fang is a man who stands at six feet and three inches tall, he is someone who has slender and yet muscular physical build that is accented heavily by the dark skin common to his people. He is someone who is clearly healthy and has a very distinct accent that would be called Irish in the real world. He has bright pink eyes that are a trademark of his race and his hair is as white as a blizzard. He also seems to have a fantastic sense of style, as one will note that he is always wearing a garb that appears to be vaguely aristocratic. Why this happens to be, no one knows for sure. His clothing comes in a wide and varied assortment of colors, fits, prints and styles that seem to compliment his personality. He doesn't seem to have any blemishes on his body from the neck up as his skin seems pristine and not heavy in oils. The same could be said for his hair as well. He has perfect porcelain teeth as well and a rather plump and rather long tongue that is able to touch the tip of his chin. He has what could be considered a swimmer's physical build. His hair is said to smell of strawberries, though this might just be conjecture.
    Special Characteristics: He has numerous markings all across his body that look bizarre and randomly placed. This is actually the the alphabet of his people rearranged to tell the story of his people, meaning that the rise and fall of his culture is literally engraved into his skin. The markings are a mixture of burns and serrations that were added to his body in order to.

    He is a man who is both eccentric and eclectic, the likes of which allows him to be full of ego and ambition. He believes the world as a whole is a puzzle and those who are smart enough to solve the various mysteries therein, are allowed the true spoils of the world as a whole. As a madman, he knows very well the lengths in which he would go in order to sustain the wealthy lifestyle has has acquired as a rather experienced bounty hunter, and what he lacks in manners and tact he makes up with through his understanding of the vast amount of rare creatures that exist in the world. He lives a good life, he plans to keep it that way.

    He is loquacious. Knowing that he is brilliant and he shows it. The deep theoretical applications of magic intrigue him a great deal despite his destructive powers. He is a man who flaunts and brags about his accomplishments often. He lacks empathy for most individuals, however. He is a man that thinks highly of himself, and he loves the human anatomy for what it is. Being known to recklessly and shamefully flirt whenever the opportunity presented itself to him. He is the first to denounce someone for being an idiot and the loudest to denounce his hatred for a great deal of people. To call the man a jerk would be an understatement. Everything happens for a reason. This is the core belief of anyone who had a cognitive thought in their brain. He doesn't exactly care about the feelings of others unless they have some value to the world as a whole

    He's never wanted to get a leadership position, because of all the expectations that comes with the role, leaving him perfectly happened to throw his weight around in the middle of the ladder. He has no fear to speak his mind and has been criticized for his treatment of both allies and enemies often. All that matters to him is the bottom line. He has no qualms crushing and manipulating anyone he thinks gets in the way of that. Even former allies. That being said, when it comes to those who earn his respect he is dedicated in ways that many would never comprehend. There are few in this world truly capable of adapting to a role like he can. Considering he is not so blinded by his own ambition that he would hinder those who have future potential in which he would benefit.

    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Faction; Country: Guardian, Earthland
    Extra: He is considered a spectacle in terms of his anatomy, he seems to be in the best possible condition for a living person.

    Fang Tojo Empty Re: Fang Tojo

    Post by Kitty Pryde on Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:17 pm


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