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    Ray Ikarus

    Ray Ikarus Empty Ray Ikarus

    Post by Ray Ikarus on Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:14 pm

    Ray Ikarus MIBhbPf
    Light of Hope

    Character Name:  Ray Ikarus
    Nicknames/Alias: Not so far
    Gender + Sexuality: Male, Hetero
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Ray is a bit shorter than the average fifteen year old at about five feet, and weighs about 125 pounds. He's got a muscular, fit body that hardly shows under his clothing. He's a natural blonde with golden eyes like his mother's, and has fair toned skin. His usual wear is anything dark or dress clothes, normally always accompanied by a red cloak that he treasures, not for any sort of memory or backstory, but rather because he thinks it makes him look like a badass. The cloak even has a hood that he can pull over his head. Finally, he wears a pair of combat boots that give him a bit of extra height.
    Special Characteristics: Ray wears armor on his right arm and left leg, up to the shoulder and just above knee respectively. These are grafted into his skin, acting as pseudo-prosthetics that enable him to walk and move properly after an accident that caused them to be permanently burned and dysfunctional.

    Personality: Ray, unlike a lot of boys his age, is savvy to the way that the world currently is. He has lost the innocent sparkle in his eyes in favor of a hardened, steely expression that he carries around with him everywhere. He's cynical and realistic, but not in an evil way. It is simply his way of being honest with others. When it comes down to doing a job, he'll find a way to finish it no matter what the cost is. His confidence and pride is staggeringly strong, as it should be for the son of a famous knight.

    However, he is far from unfaltering. Ray has a bad temper problem that can get him into all sorts of trouble, especially with the officials which he calls allies. He's often challenging others to fights, whether they want to or not, just to prove that he is going to be the greatest and strongest knight of them all. He's also aggravatingly stubborn, not budging for just anyone, especially when he IS angry. On top of this all, he has a complex against those that underestimate him in any way, and will often go out of his way just to prove himself to others.

    Despite wanting to be a knight, Ray is more intelligent than he is strong. He was born with photographic memory, and learned to develop it as he learned how to use magic by watching his father and studying the way he fought criminals. While still a kid, Ray spent more of his time reading than he did playing with other kids after discovering his goal of becoming a knight, filling his head with various knowledge. He believes that knowledge is mightier than any weapon in existence, referencing to the fact that even magic, the strongest weapon known to man, is based around knowledge.
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Faction; Country: Guardian, Earthland
    Extra: Ray is currently an in training knight, looking to wipe clean the tarnished name of his father.

    Ray Ikarus Empty Re: Ray Ikarus

    Post by Kitty Pryde on Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:09 pm


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