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    My Leashlyre


    My Leashlyre

    Post by Historia on Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:30 pm

    Name: Leashlyre Lexicon
    Element: Darkness
    Appearance: A massive volume that could easily be misplaced in the Archives with a battered cover. A simple illusion projected from the book in an act of self-defense, it's true form is much more impressive. Upon sensing Historia's touch, the book sheds it's cloak revealing a sleek leather cover with various metal fragments..a blending of old technology and magic. The interior of the book has pristine pages each implanted with a singular orange crystal and beneath it a short description of the organism recorded in it. Smaller crystals can be seen occasionally with strange notes such as the word combination,sever and analysis.  

    Description: The Lexicon original purpose was to act as a living recorder for researchers in the field. In a singular scan of an organism, several small data crystals can appear to be glanced over the operative in question. The simplest providing known information on the subject such as species, common environment and danger level. If possible and available, detailed data such as anatomy, behavioral traits, weaknesses and strengths. Historia has perverted it into a combative instrument with shadowy funding and a few black market modifications as she has managed to reanimate the data into a Living Data all with a singular compacted data crystal. The Subject is a mere shattered image of the living subject bent to Historia's will. Now it's just Living Data existing in Reality. That is until Historia dismisses the initial Data Crystal or it's connection to the Lexicon is shattered.

    A mockery of the Living that has granted Historia to play God ripping apart Data Crystals and forcing them to meld together..all for the sake of answering the question of What If? Or at least that's what she tells herself after ending the life of an organism and begins the dissection process. It is special as it allows her the apt opportunity to study an organism and bring onto the field collected Living Data..or to rip it apart and recombine it.  This is her response to her lack of Magic..while those capable of it would call it something akin to Necromancy..

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    Re: My Leashlyre

    Post by Ami~ on Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:45 am


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