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    Ivory Idoro [WIP]

    Ivory Idoro [WIP] Empty Ivory Idoro [WIP]

    Post by Ivory Idoro on Sat Sep 02, 2017 5:55 pm

    Ivory Idoro [WIP] Tumblr_omavatJWXu1u6ojdfo3_1280
    Character Template

    Character Name:  Ivory Idoro
    Nicknames/Alias: Manslayer, Ivy
    Gender + Sexuality: Female, Pansexual
    Age: 26
    Appearance: Ivory is a tall but yet slender woman, with her height capping out at 5'11" and her weight being roughly 145lbs. Her body has an hourglass figure to it, though its commonly hidden behind the layers of clothes and armor that she tends to wear. Her hair is a silver-grayish color that she tends to keep short or keep it tied up, either way making sure that it doesn't go past her shoulders. Ivory's eyes are also gray, roughly the same shade as her hair. Overall, Ivory has a mean look to her, with her eyebrows naturally thin and slanted and her eyes in a sort of glare. Her clothes tend to have a dark color pallet to them, consisting of black and red most of the time.
    Special Characteristics: On her arms, legs, and back are dragon scales. These scales have a grayish tint to them with blue freckles across them.


    Merciless - Granted Ivory does not show any mercy, this is more of a blanket term as she is just generally a mean person. Her remarks are often witty and brutal, her being able to always find a way to pick at the most fragile of subjects to others and weaponize it. Her words are as deadly as her sword.

    Selfish - Anything Ivory does, she does it for herself. She is the most important person to her, because if she isn't happy then the people around her nor herself will be happy.  So with this, she comes first over all and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She also doesn't like to share.

    Sarcastic -

    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Faction; Country: Watcher, Lemnos
    Extra: When she gets angry, silver's eyes turn to a shade of red depending on her level of anger.

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