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    Hades' Gauntlet


    Hades' Gauntlet

    Post by Gaia Hades on Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:56 pm

    Name: Hades' Gauntlet
    Type: Cestus
    Element: Fiend Fyre

    Created from a black bio-metal alloy, the Hades' Gauntlet used to be a regular forearm gauntlet that has permanently fused with Gaia's left arm up to the shoulder. Underneath the black layer is a orange-red, glowing material that bursts up in the form of spikes at various spots. At the end of the arm is a clawed hand, larger than the average human hand. It constantly emits warmth, and can become searingly hot at times.
    Description: The Hades' Gauntlet is rumored to hold the souls of all those in Hades's Realm, and gives the user a status almost equal to that of Hades himself. This curse bestows upon them the ability to control the undead via an absolute necromancy magic. Even the souls of lesser undead will be turned to his will via this magic. (This magic is useless until strong enough, when the second magic is attained) Offensively, this gauntlet gives him the power to control flames said to be from hell itself, red flames that he can actually solidify into a heated metal, forging weapons or hazards at his will. These two powers have been categorized by treasure hunters as "Subjugation Powers". The first, Subjugation of the Dead, and the second, Subjugation of Hellfire.

    Re: Hades' Gauntlet

    Post by Silver Wolf on Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:02 pm


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