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    Jinn Garay WIP

    Jinn Garay WIP Empty Jinn Garay WIP

    Post by Jinn Garay on Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:21 pm

    Jinn Garay WIP Alvaro10
    Character Template

    Character Name: Jinn Garay  
    Nicknames/Alias:The Wandering Bard  
    Gender + Sexuality:Male Straight
    Appearance: With being cursed with a pale and easily burning complexion Jinn wears a simple white dress with a black jacket and black pants with a plaid blue and white sash tied to his right leg under a green cloak with an orange sash sewn into the front with a x shaped brade on the first few strands of his light blue hair which is kept in a short yet slightly spikeyhair cut. Jinn's eyes are sharp and normally showing an expression of gleeful slyness. covering Jinn's feet are a simple pair of black dress shoes along with long black socks.  
    Special Characteristics: Jinn has lost many of his memories of his home and family. Jinn also has a scar going from his left shoulder to his right hip he is unable to remember how he obtained it.

    Personality: Jinn's natural attitude is flirtatious and charming; yet underneath his cool façade is a shrewd and decisive manipulator who has no qualms  ruthlessly destroying a persons will if need be. While Jinn loves to torture people with psychological tactics if the person he is currently conversing with able to survive his brutal wordplay for a few minutes he'll switch to a different tactic and attempt to actually attempt to gain a larger understand of the person and sees what makes them tick.  Jinn  however does have things that cause him to become angry at the drop of a hat this includes harming children, animals, or someone bullying another. Should Jinn encounter any of this he will switch to a cruel mentality and bind the person in their own shadow and proceed to leave them there as he continues to taunt and crush their self esteem until he feels they have learn their lesson. All of this is what happens when Jinn become angry with someone. Should Jinn find himself dealing with someone who catches his interest or he deems charming enough  he will attempt to ask them out on an actual date. If Jinn finds himself in a situation where words are no longer going to work to his advantage he will go silent and take control of his own shadow and prepare himself for combat if needed. Should Jinn find himself feeling remorseful for others he will attempt to lighten the mood with comedy or a slight of hand magic trick  using his own shadow as a tool. The one thing that causes Jinn to lament is the feeling of loneliness and emptiness his lack of memories imbues him with. Currently Jinn's main drive or reason for living it to figure out the reason who he was in the past not to become that person once again but to bury his past and move onward to the future.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Faction; Country: guardian ; Earthland
    Extra: Jinn has lost his memory of the past five years of his life. With this lack of memories Jinn has felt something missing in his life and has made a personal oath to figure out what happened to him.

    Jinn Garay WIP Empty Re: Jinn Garay WIP

    Post by Silver Wolf on Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:44 am

    Hello! The name's Silver and I will be grading your application today.

    Currently, your personality is at 284 words. I will need you to add more to complete at least 300. Appearance is also lacking as you only have 38 words and need 62 words more to complete the 100. Furthermore, I will need you to put the image in a spoiler as it's quite big. Otherwise, a much smaller image would do just fine.

    Once done, feel free to bump and I will grade this asap ^^

    Jinn Garay WIP Empty Re: Jinn Garay WIP

    Post by Kitty Pryde on Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:45 am


    Jinn Garay WIP KtysIfY

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    Jinn Garay WIP Empty Re: Jinn Garay WIP

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