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    Knuckles Shi[Completed]


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    Knuckles Shi[Completed] Empty Knuckles Shi[Completed]

    Post by Knux on Sat Aug 26, 2017 9:54 am

    Character Template

    Character Name:  Knuckles SHi
    Nicknames/Alias: Knux, The Crimson Tide
    Gender + Sexuality: Male and Straight
    Age: 25
    Appearance: Knuckles hsie has long crimson locks that appear to have been dyed in blood. His hue glow like the jewels of the night's sky as the green emerald color give off a faint light. He stands at 5'11 and weighs a low 155 lbs. Though his frame is small it is built with tone muscles which is lighter and smaller than mass muscles but just as strong as the core it built better. Keeping his bangs from laying in his eyes he always wears a green colored bandana around his forehead keeping the locks nice and pushed back.  One each of his wrist he wears bands and a single silver chain.  Around his neck he wears a matching scarf with his head gear, tho its not the exact color green it is a form of it. They tie together the rest of his attire which is typically Black. Black T-shirts and black pants with black combat boots finish of this attire. Of course his boxers are red a but his socks are black.  
    Special Characteristics: Two fang like teeth. also known as k9's

    Personality: Knuckles  enjoys a good challenge, thus he found himself becoming a bounty hunter. he travels the globe bouncing from town to town, city to city, looking for his next big cash in. The thrill of fighting draws him into the job even more so than the payouts. Of course the Fighting only comes after he has chased the target through the city going over and under obstacles.. Still the exercise keeps him fit and looking great which is something else he loves about his job. Another great perk is the Traveling and seeing the world, what person doesn't enjoy exotic views and rare experiences in life?  Knuckles takes advantage of these sights and bring girls there to swoo them into having a little fun. Knuckles always said, the hardest bounty of them all is a woman's heart.  Other than chasing women around and wanted people, sometimes the two combine into one, Knuckles is pretty laid back. He likes to take his time with most thing not really in a rush to do much. He's a comfortable person to be around or at least he must be due to his companion he travels with.  Knuckles enjoys a nice easy mellow beat to keep this nice and calm and simple. Though even though Knuckles seems kinds and cheerful most of the time, in battle he's a different person. His roll with the flow attitude drops and he takes on a bit more serious attitude. It becomes way worst if someone he likes or care about in is danger, or if he get really angry, At this point Knuckles becomes blood hungry and wouldn't stop fighting until he died, or the person who caused him anger is dead. This can usually last a while once he gets like that, though he can always snap out of it once the fight is done as if it never happened.
    Alignment: Chaotic neutral
    Faction; Country: Guardian/None
    Extra: N/A

    Knuckles Shi[Completed] Empty Re: Knuckles Shi[Completed]

    Post by Silver Wolf on Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:52 pm


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