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    [EVENT] Refer-A-Friend

    [EVENT] Refer-A-Friend Empty [EVENT] Refer-A-Friend

    Post by The Collector on Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:03 pm

    Refer A Friend Event

    [EVENT] Refer-A-Friend 200_s

    Hello everyone and welcome to our first ever event!

    As the title states, this is the Refer-A-Friend event. This means that everyone that refers anyone to the site will receive up to 10,000J per each member they bring. These jewels can be redeemed later on for special prizes that range from items to pets/weapons to custom lacrimas.

    To receive the jewels, the person who was referred must be registered [2500J] as well as have an accepted character app [7500J]. These can be redeemed at any time and at must post here for the one who referred to receive their prizes.

    In addition, for every month this user is active and shows that by posting on at least one RP thread five times in a month, the person who referred them will receive 2000J for every month they are active after the referral.

    Members that have been referred to the site, please use the template below. Thank you!
    Closing date TBA.

    Who Referred you to the site?:
    Link to Accepted Character App: [If applicable]
    Link to RP thread: [If applicable]

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