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    [G] The Legends of New Axis

    [G] The Legends of New Axis Empty [G] The Legends of New Axis

    Post by The Collector on Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:35 pm

    [G] The Legends of New Axis Empty Re: [G] The Legends of New Axis

    Post by The Collector on Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:35 pm

    Plot: Will Be Posted Soon

    Lemnos - Earthland = Rocky Terms
    Due to its multiple disagreements and strained international relations regarding natural resources and metals, both of these countries are currently in rocky terms.

    Earthland - Eden = Neutral Alliance
    In its search for magical properties and obtainment of the ‘Fountain of Youth,’ Earthland and Eden have united in an alliance that would benefit both countries in their search for answers.

    Eden - Lemnos  = Peaceful Relations
    As of now, neither of these countries pertain or are received as threats to each other and, so, this has opened way for peaceful relations between themselves.


    New Axis Overview:

    Lemnos -the Forging Regions
    [G] The Legends of New Axis V72oZWM

    Lemnos, despite appearing uninhabitable, contains one of the largest populations and  is one of the biggest contributors of metals and precious minerals to other nations around the globe. Its locations upon the molten hotbeds of lava and the nearness it is to mineral-filled landscapes makes it a perfect location in which much materials are constructed to be shipped out and sold around the globe. Yet, it is negatively impacted as it cannot cultivate its own food. Therefore, for Lemnos, alliance and treaties with Eden is of vital importance. It is also the center place of the technological world.
    Earthland -the Land of Mystic Arts
    [G] The Legends of New Axis B5hsnXt

    Earthland was and is a country which rivals all others with its concern on and production of magical energy and materials. Obsessed with the possibilities that lacrimas, keys, and enchanted metals could bring, it has poured all of its resources into unlocking the secrets of magic and its properties. But, alas, its constant search for greater power has caused it to look into other territories, causing tension between many countries. Only in time will the citizens of Earthland become aware of the true power of the godly source and the terror it would bring.
    Eden -the Promised Land
    [G] The Legends of New Axis O9lPjrW

    The country of Eden was unlike any other. Flourishing in its plentiful harvest and influx of rare materials, the people of Eden were considered among the great. After all, almost none compared to the beauty nor the prosperity that graced these great lands save for the land of Earthland and Lemnos themselves. Its lavish lands and fertile soils makes it one of the biggest contributors of produce as well as tranquil hotspots for vacation trips. Yet, like all tales, this paradise would soon come to a close for it would become tainted by the horrors in which it would unleash.

    [G] The Legends of New Axis Empty Re: [G] The Legends of New Axis

    Post by The Collector on Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:35 pm


    In a world where magical and non-magical entities come to life, a group of elite non-magical beings came together and formed an alliance in an effort to observe the interactions of magical beings. Their goal was to create control and, with it, provide an upper hand for those that could not possess magical energy. With their hard work and dedication, as well as with much of Earthland's lacrima source, they were able to create magical tools to quell the possible outbursts of the magical beings and entities. Equipped with powerful weapons and items, they became known as the Watchers, protectors of the human race and those without self-creating magical energy. Those that choose this route must adhere to the following rules:

    • They cannot have self-creating magical abilities. This means that there is no way one can have a sudden burst of magical energy to help them out of a tough situation unless granted by items and/or weapons.
    • Granted boosts when concerning weapons, such as the fact that they have a raise in HP and MP obtainment. See weapon rules for more details.
    • Can only use Holder type magic. No exceptions will be granted as this is a key aspect of a Watcher. This also means that they do not possess extremely magical racial perks, although some exceptions may be given. Contact @Silver Wolf for more detail.

    Gifted with their own inner magical source, beings of different races formed together under a common goal to better the world and all of its inhabitants. They flourished and grew into what became known as the Guardians. Nations hailed them as heroes and, several, even employed them as private militias. Yet, like many who wield great power, a large number of Guardians saw the riches their status and power could bring them. The broke off from the chain and went off into the world wreaking havoc and creating tension between countries. In efforts to stop these rogue Guardians, non-magical beings known as the Watchers organized and overcame these dark forces. As of now,  the dark forces were thought to be extinguished, but, like all tales, only the future knows what it awaits. Those that choose this route must adhere to the following rules:

    • Guardians have an inner power source, so, therefore, are able to create spells and magical abilities without the use of a weapon and/or item. Yet, although they have creativity at their disposal, Guardians are limited in that they are nerfed more than that of a Watcher so that the system remains balanced.
    • Regular weapon rules apply and boosts will be given accordingly. This means that if something is halved for a Watcher when concerning weapons and/or items, Guardians must follow the regular weapon and item rules. See weapon rules for more details.
    • Can only use Caster type magic. No exceptions will be granted as this is a key aspect of a Guardian. This means that they can self-create any magic they desire, under the condition that they do not correlate with any items and/or weapons as a base. Contact @Silver Wolf for more detail.

    [G] The Legends of New Axis Empty Re: [G] The Legends of New Axis

    Post by The Collector on Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:35 pm


    1. Pawn:
    Like the name entails, a Pawn is a Watcher who is just starting out. Unfortunately, due to your lack of power, the higher ups view you as fresh meat and an errand person. Do not fret, though, because with a lot more practice, you will surely be among the top in no time. This Rank grants them:

    • Granted Item or Weapon [Holder Magic] or choice of Requip. If you would like any other magic that may fit the Watcher theme, feel free to contact @Silver Wolf to see if it can be permissible.
    • Mix of 4 Total Free Spell and/or Perk Slots [Holder Magic].
    • No Requirments.

    2. Soldier:
    After much work and dedication, you have advanced in your abilities and technique to hold your own against Guardians and their evil counterparts. Still, though, you must remember that you are far away from becoming a Master. Don’t give up just yet! Push onwards towards your journey to become stronger. This Rank grants them:

    • Mix of 7 Total Free Spell and/or Perk Slots [Holder Magic].
    • Requirment of 375 EXP.

    3. Knight:
    Good Job! You have reached the midway point of your career as a Watcher. At this rank, you skills have grown stronger than before and your fight for equality is finally taking its toll. While you aren’t powerful enough to take down many of the stronger monsters, don’t let that discourage you. Go forth, and soon you will become legends. This Rank grants them:

    • Mix of 11 Total Free Spell and/or Perk Slots [Holder Magic].
    • Seconday Magic [See Rules for More Details].
    • Requirment of 850 EXP.

    4. Warlord:
    Congratulations, you are almost at the top! There is no stopping you from reaching further now. Continue forth on your brave adventure as you have finally reached the stage where you are one of the most powerful people in the world. But, like all good things, your adventure is far from over if you wish to go down in history. This Rank grants them:

    • Mix of 16 Total Free Spell and/or Perk Slots [Holder Magic].
    • Ability in obtaining a Tertiary Magic.
    • Requirment of 1,750 EXP.

    5. Hero:
    A round of applause for you! You have reached the point where you could live to see yourself as a great hero. You have finally made it to the top of the food chain. Whether you are a noble loving warrior or an evil seeking barbarian, you are the hero or villain of your own story. Your name will surely go down in history and will always be remembered. This Rank grants them:

    • Mix of 20 Total Free Spell and/or Perk Slots [Holder Magic].
    • Requirment of 4,650 EXP.

    [G] The Legends of New Axis Empty Re: [G] The Legends of New Axis

    Post by The Collector on Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:36 pm


    1. Apprentice:
    The Apprentice is a starting mage who has just learned about their magical power. Although they have a grasp of their abilities and what it entails, they are nowhere near able to cast powerful spells. This, in other words, is the start of every Mage and Guardian's journey. The path ahead of them is, undoubtedly, hard, but, with enough training and hard work, they may one day join the big leagues. This Rank grants them:

    • 1 Perk and 3 Free Spell Slots.
    • No Requirments.

    2. Novice:
    Those of this rank are much more connected with their magic than those who have just started out. Novice Mages have gained a greater control and affinity over their power, but are still far from the strongest mages in the world. Although there is still is a long road ahead of them, they are all the more closer to getting to the top. This Rank grants them:

    • 2 Perks and 5 Free Spell Slots.
    • Requirment of 425 EXP.

    3. Adept:
    Kudos! You have come a long way to get to this point. You have learned how to take control your power, but you know you can climb to higher heights. You have a noticeable magic power and can truly be considered a mage, one even capable of learning a second magic. Don’t let pride consume you, though. After all, you still aren’t in the big leagues yet. This Rank grants them:

    • 3 Perks and 8 Free Spell Slots.
    • Ability to obtain Secondary Magic.
    • Requirment of 950 EXP.

    4. Expert:
    Almost there! You are nearly at the top of the world. You may not have as much power as the Master Mages, but you still pose a threat nonetheless. Your magical power is astonishing and you are very skilled in using it. You may even have gained a Tertiary Magic as well. Continue training and fighting as there is always room for improvement and to become stronger. This Rank grants them:

    • 4 Perks and 12 Free Spell Slots.
    • Ability in obtaining Tertiary Magic.
    • Requirment of 1,850 EXP.

    5. Master:
    Congratulations! You are now considered among the strongest of people in New Axis. Mages of this rank command great respect (or fear) in others and not many can stand up against them. They can take the jobs in which others below them would certainly die in. They are experts of their magic and have reached the peak of their careers -whether it be good or evil. This Rank grants them:

    • 5 Perks and 15 Free Spell Slots.
    • Requirement of 4,850 EXP and the 'Master's Challenge' mission.

    [G] The Legends of New Axis Empty Re: [G] The Legends of New Axis

    Post by The Collector on Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:36 pm

    Character Alignment Chart

    Alignments is where you stand on the scale of good vs evil, however it isn't that simple. Rather than having just the original three of good, neutral and evil it has been split down even further to see where you truly stand on the spectrum. Here is a list to make things easier for you to figure out.

    "Law is order, and good law is good order." — Aristotle

    Lawful Good: Those who choose to align with this believe that laws exist to further the public good, and that fairness and equality before the law are necessary for good to truly exist. Order is a vital part of good, not for its own end, but because when people act arbitrarily, they will often harm each other, intentionally or unintentionally. Justice is a very important concept to lawful good characters in every sense of the word - that people are treated justly, be it justly rewarded for their services or justly punished for their ill deeds. To a lawful good character, no one is above the rules, not even themselves.

    "I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong." — Frederick Douglass

    Neutral Good: Those who choose to align with this are those who respect the law but not always follows it. They usually follow it without any questions however when the time calls for it, they will break it without question as well. Despite the fact they break the law, it is often some minor law that has minor repercussions.  Often they are not too caught up in Order Versus Chaos; they are concerned with moral goodness, but often not willing to enforce it in others.

    "An unjust law is no law at all."— St. Augustine of Hippo

    Chaotic Good: Those who choose to align with this are rebels and free vigilantes who believe in doing good, by their own standards. Some don't have a problem with greater systems such as laws as long as they leave them alone; others are anarchists who believe that too much "order" is bad for everybody, and the betterment of all can only be achieved by actively rejecting any higher instances of power.

    "God knows, it's easy to be kind; the hard thing is to be just." — Inspector Javert, Les Misérables

    Lawful Neutral: Those who choose to align with this believe in order — personal, systemic, both or either — above all else. They will always seek to obey and preserve order, even to the inconvenience of themselves and others, and even if they themselves admit the law in question is an annoying one. While a Lawful Good character may justify breaking their code of conduct by appealing to the greater good that transcends all things, a Lawful Neutral character will not, since the greater good does not enter into it.

    "I stick my neck out for nobody." — Rick Blaine, Casablanca

    True Neutral: Better known as Neutral Neutral, those who choose to align with this can be introduced as a Wild Card, neither aligned with the Hero nor the Big Bad. On the other hand, they may well be on one side or the other, at least nominally. Perhaps they care little for the conflict and have their own goals, which are neither particularly good or evil.

    "Good? Bad? I'm the guy with the gun." — Army of Darkness

    Chaotic Neutral: Those who align themselves with this do whatever the hell they like and damn the consequences (unless they're too noble or hurtful, watch out for that part!). Some say they're the ultimate free spirits, others that they're just crazy. Either way, there's no telling what they'll decide to do next — their main, and often only, concern is their own freedom. Whose side are they on? It's doubted that they even know themselves. Nobody else does. They detest the self righteous and believe in power to the individual.

    "Peace through tyranny."— Megatron, Transformers

    Lawful Evil: Those align themselves with this either tries to impose or uphold a lawful system on others without regard for their wishes, and/or adheres to a particular code. They believe in order, but mostly because they believe it is the best way of realizing their evil wishes. They will obey the letter of the law, but not the spirit, and are usually very careful about giving their word.

    "For mine own good, all causes shall give way."— Macbeth

    Neutral Evil: Those who align with this will ally with anybody to do what's right and nobody to do what's wrong, the Neutral Evil character will ally with anybody as long as it advances their own interests — and it is all about their own interests. These characters do not respect other people as people like themselves with feelings and needs; rather they are tools or obstacles inferior to the Neutral Evil, to be used for their advancement. Neutral Evil characters are intrinsically selfish people, regardless of whose side they are on, and as a Token Evil Teammate, they may sell out to the bad guy if it makes achieving their goals significantly easier.

    "Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I'm an agent of chaos." — The Joker, The Dark Knight

    Chaotic Evil: Those who align themselves with this is the truly free evil spirit. Whereas the Chaotic Neutral character is concerned mainly with their own freedom but doesn't seek to hurt others, the same cannot be said for a Chaotic Evil character. They will do whatever they want whenever they want to do it, which, seeing as they are evil, usually entails lots and lots of death and destruction. These characters are usually the most aggressive of the Evil alignments, more often than not being possessed of an impulsively violent nature and a total disregard for people, laws, or even the world around them. In short, Chaotic Evil represents the destruction of not only life and goodness, but also the order upon which they depend.

    (Credit to TV Tropes for alignment description)

    [G] The Legends of New Axis Empty Re: [G] The Legends of New Axis

    Post by The Collector on Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:36 pm

    The Vault/Revival System
    [G] The Legends of New Axis TN9fwcC

    Good morning, afternoon, night or whatever ladies and gentlemen. Are you tired of carrying around your heavy items when you want to make more items or carry event items or even just make room for items to come? How about are you scared of dying and losing all your Jewels? Well look no more, the vault system is here for you. Here with the vault system you can deposit your equipment and jewels for safekeeping to make more room for yourself. But wait there's more, the vault system ensures that if you deposit your money into the Vault and your character dies, a notice will be sent to your new character with the combination to the vault, and whatever you put into the vault now belongs to your new character without having to spend money to get it all back - isn't that just awesome?! But wait there's more, everyone starts off with a Vault, you heard right your vault is free with 6 Free Space slots and a Mini Jewel bag that holds up to 50,000 Jewels! WOW! So what are you waiting for come use the Vault System today!

    How it Works:

    1. Everyone starts off with a free Vault that has 6 free space slots plus a mini jewel bag that allows a deposit of up to 50,000 Jewels at a time.

    2. Each Vault is secured to your character, the only way someone could get access to your vault is if you personally give permission to that user to deposit out of your vault.

    3. If you die and you deposited items into the vault, a message will be sent to your new character via first post giving the "combination" to the vault, of which if you have added on space or a bigger jewel bag you get to keep it as well as whatever is in the vault for your new character to use.

    4. A player can pay to expand their space and jewel bag to increase the amount of items and jewels that can be deposited into the vault for safe keeping.

    Space Slots:
    The first six space slots are free but additional ones will cost you.  One space slot is a total of 10,000 Jewels, however if someone chooses to buy five space slots they get a discount of which one becomes free. The maximum number of space slots is unlimited.  So long as the user has the money to buy space slots than the more space they have for items.  

    Jewel Bags:
    The first jewel bag is free and is able to carry a total of 50,000 Jewels but to add more space to your jewel bag will cost you.

    • Big Jewel Bag, Carries about 1,000,000 Jewels costs 50,000 Jewels.

    • Traveler's Jewel Bag, Carries about 200,000,000 Jewels and costs 1,000,000 Jewels. This requires the Big Jewel bag be bought first.

    Reincarnation In-thread
    If a character reincarnates in the thread they must have restrictions after coming back from the dead, for a certain amount of posts or for the rest of the thread. It will take at least 2 posts to reincarnate and those that reincarnate back in thread receive 1/10 of their health. Keep in mind that if you reincarnate once, you can not do so again within the same thread.

    Note**If someone in the thread is going after a bounty, then you are forced to reincarnate in a new thread, and leave the current thread. Once you are killed, the bounty will be given and fallen Player must follow the reincarnation rules for out-of-thread reincarnation. If they bounty hunter succeeds in killing you they are rewarded for bounty, and the bounty is removed.

    Reincarnation Out-of-thread
    As seen with some once they die, they automatically exit the thread and are reincarnated into another thread at 1/5 health. This reincarnation also requires that they have some restrictions either in the following thread or over a period of threads. Keep in mind that a character can only be reincarnated 3 times before they are forever pronounced dead.

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    [G] The Legends of New Axis Empty Re: [G] The Legends of New Axis

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