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    Knuckles Shi's Magic [WIP]


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    Knuckles Shi's Magic [WIP] Empty Knuckles Shi's Magic [WIP]

    Post by Knux on Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:53 pm

    Magic Template

    Basic Info

    Magic Name Here:Lightning Demon Slayer
    Type: Demon Slayer
    Element Here: (White) Lightning
    Primary/Secondary: Primary

    How It Works

    Description: The most Lost of all Slayer magics, Lightning Demon Slayer is the pinnacle of the element of lightning. The polar opposite of God Slayer, all sparks and bolts created by this magic are white in color, white the color of purity by which this magic's nature is derived.
    Strengths: The versatility of this magic is unmatched by any other, allowing ridiculously powerful offensive capabilities as well as supplementary forms as well. This magic also allows a form of immunity to lightning, although it is only as powerful as the user himself. It is not until full power is achieved that total elemental immunity becomes reality. Like any other Slayer magic, the user is capable of consuming spells of the same element as well as non magical sources. Unlike other Slayer magics, however, Lightning Demon Slayer magic allows the consumption of any and all forms of lightning, including that of the Lightning Dragon Slayer or the Lightning God Slayer, but not vice versa, as users of other forms of Lightning Slayer magic cannot consume the lightning of a Demon Slayer. Upon consuming a spell of a lower form of lightning magic, the user is able to heal himself of one would per spell consumed, as long as said would is of a lower rank than the consumed spell. This magic, being lightning, is also elementally advantaged against water and ice magics.
    Weaknesses: Being the most powerful form of Slayer magic, Lightning Demon Slayer magic does not induce the same weaknesses as other magics, not to say that it is without weakness. Even though it is Demon Slayer magic, it is also lightning magic and as such has an inherent weakness to metal and earth.

    Strengths: White magic strong against black/darkmagics, demons, of anything from an that is deemed Dark/Evil tainted with magic.Strong against water magics regardless if it its pure,light, or dark magic.
    Weaknesses: (What are the weaknesses of this magic? Weaknesses must always be one more than strengths)
    Magic Perks: (Each magics have a set of perks. Here are how many perks can one have per rank)

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