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    Knuckles Shi Empty Knuckles Shi

    Post by Knux on Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:58 am

    Knuckles Shi 6h73sx
    Character Template

    Character Name:  Knuckles Shi
    Nicknames/Alias: Knux, The Demon of Sabertooth(I know no guilds here)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Appearance:   Crimson locks which are normally spiked when going on missions can normally be seen with his combat clothing. This generally entails suit of armor passed down from his family, or be it a furry jacket a black Tee and jeans with boots.  His combat/ mission attire will change depending on his mood that day. When he's just around town or the Guild House he wears a Tee shirt. a pair of jeans, and a neck-lace. His hair is usually not styled and hanging down just above his eyes,  His build of his body is tall with a nice bit of toned lean muscle. His body isn't bulky but when he fights his muscles pop showing just how much he has. His hues are Emerald green, his teeth are white, and a sun kissed skin toned almost of a bronzed color.
    Special Characteristics: Glowing hues, unnaturally Good looking.

    Personality:"I'm simply Electric."[/center]
    Knux Shi's the kind of person who enjoy to better things in life. Though he has work ethic, he's used to having the best. But he's still the kind of guy who lives normally in the since as he doesn't throw what he has in others faces. He prefers to stay stylish, in the newest clothes he can find.  Though he's not one to brag about what he has, he is a cocky one. He think's he's the best Mage in his guild even if proven other otherwise. This still doesn't stop him from training and pushing himself to his limits and slightly past them. His training he does is more likely the reason for his cocky attitude about his strength, His Doesn't have much of a goal as far as becoming the BEST Mage out there but he does care however what others think of his guild.  He feels that Sabertooth is the strongest guild and dares anyone to prove him wrong. Never turning down a  fight as it is just another chance to prove his strength  and how strong members of Sabertooth are, is probably one of his weak points. His cockiness can get the better of him and get him into some pretty tough spots.  As for interacting with others he generally he is respectful unless someone does something to rub him the wrong way. Not really any certain type of person really bothers him but those who a rude for no reason are likely to find a lightning bolt flying near their face. The idea of stealing from others is something that really gets to him, as he knows how hard is is to work for what you have.  Simply put Knuckles is a cocky, well dressed, seductive, and passionate mage who will do whatever it takes to see his friends and Guilds safe. Those who threaten that would surely be found in a charred crisp corpse .
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Faction; Country: Guardian, Earthland.
    Extra: From another world.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight
    Height: Six Foot
    Weight: 180
    Face Claim: Gilgamesh Fate Zero


    Being Broke
    Being out of Cigarettes
    Being called Ugly

    Become Wealthy and The best Mage he can be.
    Having no money
    Letting a member of Sabertooth Die
    Getting Raped


    Name: Lightning Demon Slayer
    Element: Lightning[White]
    Description: The most Lost of all Slayer magics, Lightning Demon Slayer is the pinnacle of the element of lightning. The polar opposite of God Slayer, all sparks and bolts created by this magic are white in color, white the color of purity by which this magic's nature is derived.
    Strengths: The versatility of this magic is unmatched by any other, allowing ridiculously powerful offensive capabilities as well as supplementary forms as well. This magic also allows a form of immunity to lightning, although it is only as powerful as the user himself. It is not until full power is achieved that total elemental immunity becomes reality. Like any other Slayer magic, the user is capable of consuming spells of the same element as well as non magical sources. Unlike other Slayer magics, however, Lightning Demon Slayer magic allows the consumption of any and all forms of lightning, including that of the Lightning Dragon Slayer or the Lightning God Slayer, but not vice versa, as users of other forms of Lightning Slayer magic cannot consume the lightning of a Demon Slayer. Upon consuming a spell of a lower form of lightning magic, the user is able to heal himself of one would per spell consumed, as long as said would is of a lower rank than the consumed spell. This magic, being lightning, is also elementally advantaged against water and ice magics.
    Weaknesses: Being the most powerful form of Slayer magic, Lightning Demon Slayer magic does not induce the same weaknesses as other magics, not to say that it is without weakness. Even though it is Demon Slayer magic, it is also lightning magic and as such has an inherent weakness to metal and earth.


    The Past: Brought up in a family that was doing well for themselves to say the least, he was raised on the better things in life but was never spoiled or raised to feel like he deserved these things. He had to work just like everyone else in his family until he was about the age of sixteen. Before he was sixteen however he saw a Grand magic games when he was a boy and from that day on he wanted to become a powerful mage and fight in the games too.  So he trained his body once he was done with his work load for the day. His family Owned a chain of Spa's in Balsam and his job was to deliver the coal and wood to the Spa's every day. Once he was twelve he met this old man at one of the Spa houses his family owned and began to talk with him. After a year  of talking with this man daily, the boy began to train with him in the way of magic. Knux wasn't any good at first but would get better day by day. On top of working and his training he was progressing well.  They trained for years like this, bettering his magical abilities and his effectiveness with his Lightning magic.  Then on his sixteenth birthday they Old man fell ill. He wasn't going to last long with his body frail and weak. It was then made clear to Knux that the old man Bass Maikaru was sick long before he melt Knux. The teen's eyes watered as he didn't wish for his master to leave him, Bass grabbed the boy's forearm and passed him a gift. Lightning magic like never before, the art of Demon Slayer magic.  Bass told Knux of the tales of this power and what if was used for, and how he had gotten it himself.  Knux then knew that he had a greater purpose in life, he would leave his family business in the hands of his brothers and sisters and go off to find a Guild. It was a start to finding any leads on Demons in the area. He looked around the area for other mages, and went to hot spots for mages to try and find any info on demons, but everyone told him how they were just made up. Then a man about twenty years older then he walked up to him and told him all he knew. After hours of conversation the Older man noticed his Demon Slaying tattoo on his right arm.  It was then he was invited to Join SaberTooth. Accepting right away the two travel to the hidden guild location within the mountains. There he met several others but one stuck out, a really annoying kid named Ardere who looked like he came off the streets. The two boys moved up in ranks as they got older slowly becoming strong and stronger then anyone becoming rivals with each other until the two reached the top. Now he was the Ace of Sabertooth and known as The Demon Of Sabertooth, not for his actions towards others but how strong and powerful his magic was.

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    Post by Knux on Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:55 am


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    Post by Ami~ on Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:52 pm

    Hey, Knux, I'm here to grade your app. And I know Bacon allowed you to keep most of your old app, however, I cannot accept it just yet as your app still needs to fulfill what we required. While we do allow personal templates, we still require all the information present in the app we provided in there as well. Please bump when this has been done~

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    Post by Knux on Sat Feb 04, 2017 2:29 pm


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    Post by Ami~ on Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:57 pm

    Approved, note you cannot use the magic you listed until your magic app has been reviewed and approved.

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