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    Lilith Morningstar

    Lilith Morningstar Empty Lilith Morningstar

    Post by Lilith Morningstar on Mon Jan 30, 2017 3:32 pm

    Lilith Morningstar 0a3a7f0e5301f39fcfcc0a6280c6dde4
    Character Template

    Character Name:  Lilith Morningstar
    Nicknames/Alias: Queen of Lust, Frost Demon, Fire Demon, Frozen Steam Demon(Frostfire/Fire/ice)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10,000(Appears 25)
    Appearance:Lilith appears to be five foot three inches tall. She weighs exactly one hundred and ten pounds. She has long blue hair which sometimes changes to white, blue, purple, and red. Or Half Red and Half Blue. She wears clothing that either appear extremely exposing to the Skin or something that looks exotic yet covers the body. Her figure is slim. She always wears heels. Often normal outfit is a Skirt, Blue vest, sleeveless, a hat, a long staff, and a travel bag. With heels of course. She has various of other outfits at home that she uses to change once she comes from her travels.
    Special Characteristics: Immortality: Has the Ability to Not die of old age. But can still be killed by physical means. A Snap of a Neck rip of heart. just not by old age.

    Master Combatant: Although it's not shown she is a Master of Combat.

    FrostFire Demon Slayer Traits: Due to her abilities being of the kind most suitable for slaying beings the divine would consider "Impure", Lillith was granted eternal youth in exchange for nothing but her word to carry out this divine duty. That in combination with the "frosty" nature of her powers lets her keep her skin in top-notch condition, meaning that she's always looking her best on top of being forever young.

    Note: She can of course still be vanquished in the same manner as any person, it's just aging itself that won't kill her.

    Personality: Lilith is not someone you'd like to talk or mess with if your trying to anger her. Your pretty much Screwed. She would use her spells to kill. She is the true abomination of Evil. A Demon/Devil Slayer by nature. She takes that Task as a mere toy. In other others words she doesn't care what her duty is as long as she fueled by power. She is extremely power hungry, world destroying driven, and very ambitious. Someone like her would normally be seen waving her magic in public and destroying lands? Sadly for everyone who thought yes? You are all falsely incorrectly. She is the type to Manipulative, twist, lie, control the situation at hand, and observe then when there's a opening strike for the kill.

    She prefers to resolve things with words hence her silver tongue rather then fighting it out like an idiot. hence why she is feared. Her smooth talking is seen as a good thing. She is an intellectual Fighter. Aside from that she is someone who isn't trusted or who shouldn't be trusted. She has a Single family Member Ariel. Who she sees and nothing but a worthless piece of shit.  She hates everyone and does not believe in love. She is her own demon. As much as she is intellectual Fighter in combat she is cocky, arrogant, annoying, and over-confident of her abilities if the battle drives for to long she will display these following traits.

    Aside from that. She is a massive Flirt and very seductive when it comes to speaking with women and men in a social level. She doesn't want any friends at all. She wants a lot of lovers of different genders and races, and a lot of rivals and enemies so she would be able to fight and destroy and conquer.
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Faction; Country: Guardian And Lemnos
    Extra: She loves both men and women, But leans towards Men.

    Lilith Morningstar Empty Re: Lilith Morningstar

    Post by Roland Gates on Mon Feb 06, 2017 12:56 pm


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