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    Ariel Temperance(WIP)

    Ariel Temperance(WIP) Empty Ariel Temperance(WIP)

    Post by Ariel Morningstar on Mon Jan 30, 2017 3:03 pm

    Ariel Temperance(WIP) 94b8eb3da6f46911cafcb9cc3cbaa3ae
    Character Template

    Character Name: (Name of your character)
    Nicknames/Alias: (Is your character known by anything else?)
    Gender: (What gender is your character?)
    Age: (How old is your character?)
    Appearance: (Describe your appearance here with a word count of 100. If you prefer to to, you may post a picture, but you will still need the 100 words.)
    Special Characteristics: (Do you possess any unique physical traits? Perhaps cat ears, a tail, etc. Will not count as a perk.)

    Personality: (Tell me about your character in detail. Describe your character’s character traits. What does your character strive towards and why? Why do they react a certain way? Explain. Must be at least 300 words long.)
    Alignment: (Could span anywhere from Lawful Good to Neutral to Chaotic Evil)
    Faction; Country: (Watcher or Guardian? What country do you pledge allegiance to?)
    Extra: (Is there anything else you want to include about your character?)

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