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    Miki -The Android with Human Emotions-


    Miki -The Android with Human Emotions- Empty Miki -The Android with Human Emotions-

    Post by Guest on Thu Jan 05, 2017 4:39 pm

    Character Template

    Character Name:  M-187
    Nicknames/Alias: Miki
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12(Looks 19)
    Appearance: Miki has two long, soft teal colored pony tails that come out the sides of her head. Despite being an android, her hair is as soft and real as any human's. Her skin is pale and feels smooth to the touch. Her eyes are also Teal in color and have intricate components in them giving Miki's eyes a unique appearance. Her height is 5'5" and she weights roughly 110 lbs due to the materials used to make her, making her lighter than someone else that height. In her hair, holding up her pig tails are two black and red glowing circuital bands that can come off but are used for receiving digital information via satellite signals. Her normal attire she wears the most consists of a skin tight suit made titanium alloy woven fibers  that goes from the top of her neck to be closed off at her crotch. From the neck line, to her stomach, there's slit in her suit that covered by a thin necktie shaped piece of cloth that's attached to her suit from her neck line. Along her arms, she has a pair of hand-less black skin tight gloves that only cover her index finger. On her legs, she wears black footless tights made of the same material as her gloves and suit. While this is usually her day to day attire, sometimes she'll switch it up and wear a cute dress or something else.
    Special Characteristics: N/A

    Personality: Despite being an AI unit android, Miki has human emotion software installed into her hard drive so its as if she were human almost. Miki's personality is that of a cheerful and outgoing teenage girl. She's very friendly and curious. Being locked away, shut down in an abandoned factory basement out on the edge of the Iron Heart for 4 straight years, Miki has an abundant curiosity for almost everything. She looks at every situation she's in as a learning experience. She wants to obtain as much knowledge as she possibly can and is always very enthusiastic about it. Miki has a very rational way of thinking and looking at different situations. When it comes to solving problems, she'll break them down and look at each component and try to solve it one step at a time. Miki loves to meet new people and make friends. She is energetic and positive almost all the time. Miki hates getting dirty or wet, so she stays away from any and everything that could get her to be either of those things.

    Miki is very polite and respectful to others whom she isn't well acquainted with. When it comes those who she considers to be her friends, she's much more easy going and casual. Miki is bluntly honest to a T. However, when it comes to her feelings for someone in a romantic sense, she can be a real tsundere. She'll never be honest with her feelings for another and gets extremely jealous if she sees the person she likes getting intimate with someone else. To the point, where she'll even be physically violent towards her crush when jealous.

    Miki likes to party and have a good time. She hates any kind of manual labor. Even though she never feels tired, she just doesn't like it because its tedious and annoying. Miki has an immature side to her. She hates when people try to ruin her fun and will pout about it when they do. She also hates to loose and is a poor sport. She has the stubbornness of a bull, she won't back down or change her kind when its made up no matter what others might say to persuade her.

    When it comes to the affairs of others who she isn't involved with, she is indifferent. So long as no one causes trouble for her or someone she cares for, she lets people do as they want. However, if someone were to commit a crime in front of her that involved some innocent bystander, she wouldn't just let it happen, she'd do something about it whether it be directly or indirectly. Miki doesn't like meaningless bloodshed or violence and tries to always steer clear of it whenever she can.

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Faction; Country: Guardian; Lemnos

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    Miki -The Android with Human Emotions- Empty Re: Miki -The Android with Human Emotions-

    Post by Ami~ on Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:01 pm


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