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    Erika's Perks(WIP)


    Erika's Perks(WIP) Empty Erika's Perks(WIP)

    Post by Guest on Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:31 am

    Character App: Erika Yamada
    Race: Demon/Inferno
    Erika is a sub-type of demon known as an "Inferno" or Fire Demon. An inferno's domain can be any place of extreme heat such as the inside of volcanoes. They have the ability to control all natural fire. They are born from fires and volcanic explosions and therefore, have a much higher natural body temperature than humans. Their skin is burning hot to the touch. Because of how hot blooded an inferno is, they are extremely susceptible to cold

    Perk 1:
    Perk 2: (What is the perk. Give full information of what it can do and how it relates to race)

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