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    Clockwork/Clock-la Orange

    Clockwork/Clock-la Orange  Empty Clockwork/Clock-la Orange

    Post by Clockwork on Tue Jan 03, 2017 5:27 pm

    Character Template

    Character Name:  C.O.G (true form)- Clockwork/Clock-la Orange (male/female)
    Nicknames/Alias: Gizmo or Tinman (true form) or Tic (male) & Toc (female)
    Gender: Male (12 AM - 12 PM) Female (12PM - 12 AM)
    Age: Twenty Two (appearance) Two (since creation)

    Clockwork and Clock-la appear quite similar, as a machine should when the mere physical prowess can be transformed with the whizzing of a few gears and gizmos that shift at the chiming of a clock. The grandfather of clock's resonate within the chest cavity of the creation that commonly known as Tic or Toc depending on the time of day. As the case may be both tend to wear the exact same dark overcoat, which decor resembles that of a military official who had long lived within the realm of noble society. The hair and eye color remain the same in both forms, a platinum blonde verging into silver strands, while the eyes  remain a generic violet.


    Clockwork outer's - The male counterpart and the subtler of this devious duo enjoys the military outfit that he had acquired from their dead creator thankfully due to the known fact that blood dries darker than it's beautiful crimson liquid form the stains upon it aren't noticeable. An ornate gold trimming follows up and down the collar and edges which are buttoned up with what must have been pure gold  edging. Atop his head is a loosely combed mop of hair that may have even been assembled by the strands of a mop thinly sliced and mounted upon the clockwork magical monstrosity that lurks at night and quaintly dines at day. Beneath the military coat he tends to wear a formal black button up shirt with matching suit pants to finish his outfit. Dark black combat boots cover the soles of his feet. Beneath the skin is shockingly the fleshy resemblance of a human body that was wove from a realistic synthetic skin that has that same new born baby butt softness.


    Clock-la outer's - The female model which is the more deadly and sinister of the two sexes normally starts out in the same garb as her brother of sorts and shifts two a more feminine wardrobe as the night takes form. The military coat tends to remain over-top of her shifting wardrobe but she tends to let the synthetic of skin on her thighs to breath with the functioning use of a miniskirt that is both effective for combat as well as flirting. She two has the same mop-tossed hair that seems to appear fuller and flow more elegantly as one would expect of a girl. Depending upon the occasion she has been known to break the color scheme her brother set up for the two and even go as far to try out the scandalous use of a bathing suit while swimming. Again beneath the clothes is the lackluster appearance of a normal human mind you beneath the layers of skin to make them feel soft and cuddly is the metallic gadget and frame that keep the two in this form.

    ”Clockwork’s True Form”:

    Clockwork/Clock-la inner's C.O.G (Clockwork Operated Gizmo) -  A unique third personality that takes over once the two forms are no longer indistinguishable. C.O.G takes the dance floor putting its right foot forward and left hands about its partners hip for the dance. As depicted beneath the human fleshy forms is a third and FINAL FORM (Freeza -cough-). Gizmo as it prefers to be called is an entity to and of itself that appears just as you would expect of a clockwork based life form gears, metal and a magical blue glowy light that alters color as a face that acts as the real heart of this amazing contraption. Despite the rather boring mechanical marvel that creates the moving appendages of the apparatus, yes it has four arms two are just cramped up inside the chest cavity in lock-down till the big guns are needed.

    Special Characteristics: Umm yes ... I'm a Clockwork orchestrated Gizmo I have many strange features that most humans do not. Er wait you mean Clockwork/Clock-la nah they are boring human shapes.

    Clockwork -
    Charismatic: It’s always a wonder of how Clockwork managed to sway the hearts of the townsfolk, till one realizes that he was basically programmed for social interaction. Every syllable and annunciation from the man’s lips is a compliment sugar-coated with a sweet and succulent cherry filling. Even the words that people don’t want to hear roll of his tongue like a choir of angels baffling the halls of saints.
    Optimistic: Even in the most dire of circumstances Clockwork manages to find an upside to all the problems that went awry. Accompanied by his inevitable defeat he also manages to keep a smile and spark of hope that all of his plots and plans would soon unhinge in those dire straits. Every glass is half full in the eyes of an optimistic person except when the glass is filled with milk then he knows it’s a baptist.
    Genuine: The girls love him as even when they ask him a question that most men have to lie he manages to find the appeal of such large gluteal muscles or rolling cushions of flab. He might as well have been a president or fifteen as he seems to never intentionally tell a lie unless regarding himself in a topic.
    Whimsical: As he glides through life he always managed a healthy sense of humor that kept him aloft floating high above the sorrow and depression that most people are bogged down with. Amusing quips often flutter through the air about him as he speaks with the random vagabond.

    Arbitrary: Routine is not a word in good ole’ Clockwork’s mechanical cog instead he operates completely based upon the present. A certain wish for doughnuts being spoken about by a lovely couple two notches down is more likely to gain his attention then his rambling about how he ought to seek out more jobs to partake in.
    Lazy: As the year passed he began to develop a lackadaisical approach on life where if people weren't involving him in their simple matters then he had no reason to care about what took place. He also tends to find himself spending multiple days of the weak laying about the city doing absolutely nothing for his twelve hours of the day.
    Uncooperative: As for assisting others in chores, due to his laziness he refuses to cooperate no matter how hard people force him to help. He prefers to put on a show of refusal to further instigate the problems that he would have if was traveling with a group, he would even avoid a fight just to mess with someone.
    Prim: Due to his rather superior and elegant demeanor he often comes off as a prim and snotty nosed nobleman when someone gets on his nerves. This trait can also manifest when he likes someone quite dearly.

    Clock-la -
    Capable: In a situation Clock-la often reveals herself as a person who isn't quite capable of handling the task at hand merely as a facade. In reality she is quite wise about the inner workings of heists and the human body allowing her work as a part time assassin to be quite effective.
    Liberal: A radical is a polite word to describe her eccentric behavior and beliefs on how to make the world a better place. In her mind all humans seem to be self-centered pigs who will toss their jewel's at the simple toss of a skirt. Instead of taking their money she prefers to take their hearts and bottle them up in a jar as payment.
    Clever: After merrily meandering over into a trap of a few mangy mages, she managed to mutilate the majority of the mongrels with one motion. I forgot she sometimes enjoys mentioning her tales with maximum alliterations for a extra zazziness.
    Objective: Lives are just numbers and mass produce of waste that one must learn to dispose of, the human population is like rabbits multiplying far and beyond the capacity of this planet. It's her job to keep the rate linear rather then exponential. Or even to slant it in the opposite direction, if only it were possible.

    Kinky: As crazy as she is, she tends to enjoy meeting people who can deal with her psychotic tendencies in one way or the other.
    Lazy: It's a dread trait that her brother passed onto her, some days she drastically wishes to paint the streets red, but there is something ticking in the back of her mind keeping her stable one second to long. Although she desperately wishes to wander about, maiming and murdering those she meets she has that annoying Tic of her Toc urging her not to. It's so frustrating to constantly be bothered by your brothers conscious in your mind is it not?
    Apathetic: A lesson in life that Clock-la never did manage to understand which Clockwork so desperately attempts to teach her. The can do charismatic attitude didn't fit her at all and she frankly didn't understand why she ought to care about the neighbors or their feelings. It was far easier to just kill them rather then console them when their pet cat dies, that is the best type of therapy
    Warped: Her sense of morality has been warped since the first day she killed their creator, her brother always was nagging her when they were a bit schizophrenic. Thankfully, after they came up with a compromise that the brother so rudely forced upon her they have learned to deal with the messes.

    Gizmo -
    GEARHEAD: Awkwardly enough his personality is a combination of both twins depending on the color of his orb so you never know until you meet him what he will be like.

    Clock-la: I'm an incessant liar but I must say that I'm as harmless as an alligator, Chaotic Evil.
    Clockwork: I'm quite the law abiding gentleman and thus I will fall under, Lawful Good.
    Gizmo: "I'm a crazy rabid squirrel and I want my cookies!" Hmm -hits a few random gears in it's chest- I'm the True Neutral Party.

    Faction; Country: The Great Big Magical Orb in the Sky! G.B.M.O.S! Or Sun ... I guess.
    Clockwork sides with Lemnos.
    Clock-la sides with Earthland.

    Extra: I like trains.
    THE END!

    Clockwork/Clock-la Orange  Empty Re: Clockwork/Clock-la Orange

    Post by Kitty Pryde on Wed Jan 04, 2017 12:10 pm

    Once this application is done, please bump and a staff member will grade it. Thanks!~

    Clockwork/Clock-la Orange  KtysIfY

    Clockwork/Clock-la Orange  Empty Re: Clockwork/Clock-la Orange

    Post by Clockwork on Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:06 pm

    Ok bump

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    Clockwork/Clock-la Orange  Empty Re: Clockwork/Clock-la Orange

    Post by Ami~ on Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:23 pm

    Hey Clockwork, I'm here to grade your app today.

    From what I can see you may need to specify if you are a Guardian or Watcher. Also just to warn you, if you choose to go neutral there WILL be repercussions later on. Once you fix and comfirm you truly do want to go neutral then feel free to bump~.

    Clockwork/Clock-la Orange  Empty Re: Clockwork/Clock-la Orange

    Post by Clockwork on Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:19 am


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    Clockwork/Clock-la Orange  Empty Re: Clockwork/Clock-la Orange

    Post by Ami~ on Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:08 pm

    What faction are you? Guardian or Watcher? Please edit and bump when that has been clarified.

    Clockwork/Clock-la Orange  Empty Re: Clockwork/Clock-la Orange

    Post by Clockwork on Thu Jan 05, 2017 5:06 pm

    Bump thought guardian was in there already odd.

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    Clockwork/Clock-la Orange  Empty Re: Clockwork/Clock-la Orange

    Post by Ami~ on Thu Jan 05, 2017 6:03 pm

    Approved, note you will receive neutral colors due to the fact we cannot assign you both Lemnos and Earthland at the same time.

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    Clockwork/Clock-la Orange  Empty Re: Clockwork/Clock-la Orange

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