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    Satyr Noztal [wip]


    Satyr Noztal [wip]

    Post by Satyr Noztal on Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:07 pm

    Character Template

    Character Name:  Satyr Noztal
    Nicknames/Alias: Vyce
    Gender: Female
    Age: 900
    Appearance: (Describe your appearance here with a word count of 100. If you prefer to to, you may post a picture, but you will still need the 100 words.)
    Special Characteristics: Drygoblin - The daughter of a Dryad and a Goblin respectively, she lacks any magical abilities, and she has a thick 'French' accent. She looks beautiful because her mother was a Dryad and she is short because her father was a Goblin.

    Personality: : Satyr is considered quite the fearsome individual, someone who has little remorse for those who do not deserve her attention. She exercises a varied selection of beliefs that make her a hostile individual but she can hardly be considered an evil person. She isn't generally a nice person either since she thrives on the principles of conflict, mayhem and the complete annihilation of social constructs. Normality is her greatest foe and she despises it deeply going as far as doing anything in her power to be outside of the box. She refuses to allow herself to become stale and unoriginal. That being said she isn't exactly the easiest person to read, since she is unable to accurately display any emotions beyond joy. Which makes things complicated.

    She presents herself as some sort of madman but she lacks any sort of mental disorder, making her a sociopath opposed to a psychopath. She is fully aware of the destruction she brings wherever she may go and takes a great deal of pleasure in the actions that are attributed to her for this fact. She has an extensive understanding of the human anatomy and appreciates the littlest aspects of life. Even to the point in which she finds herself going off on intrinsically intellectual tangents and philosophical rants on the very subject from time to time. Often during combat. She doesn't think much about dating, but she does swing both ways and isn't too picky about what a person looks like so long as they entertain her.

    Despite her attempts to be a completely horrible person there is a major aspect of her mind that doesn't allow her to infinitely sway into that territory. Despite the atrocities she has committed she has also done a myriad of miracles that have shaped her personality into the unique blend that it is. Her flamboyant foppish nature stems from her disgust towards the rigid strictness of a bleak and controlled society and she has helped many people on a whim if for nothing more than an unwarranted compulsion. She could easily save a child one day and damn them the next. There is no rhyme or reason for her indecisiveness nature, but it has defined her for the majority of her time walking Eden and only recently has he attempted to become stronger, seemingly finding herself to have a purpose.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Faction; Country: Watcher; Eden
    Extra: She has some magical abilities, but they are used in minor plot essential ways which will be detailed further in her racial perks.

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