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    Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic {Done}


    Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic {Done}

    Post by Ray Ignazia on Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:31 pm

    Magic Template

    Basic Info

    Magic Name Here: Lightning Dragon Slayer
    Type: Caster | Slayer
    Element Here: Lightning
    Primary/Secondary: Primary

    How It Works

    Description: Dragon Slayer Magic is a type of Magic which allows its users to transform their physical bodies into a Dragon. As a result, the user can transform their body with features of their respective element, utilizing both offensive and defensive styles. A Dragon Slayer is immune to the effects of their own element, and can consume external sources of their element to replenish their strength. However, a Dragon Slayer cannot consume the element that they produce themselves, and elements must be consumed through the mouth.

    Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic allows the user to incorporate the element of lightning into their body, gaining exclusive characteristics that are commonly associated with Lightning Dragons. The user is capable of producing lightning from their body and of manipulating it to attack their opponents. This Magic’s spells seem to possess an incredibly high voltage, being particularly destructive, and the electricity of which they’re composed of seems capable of momentarily paralyzing foes, making it easier for the user to take them out; however, their trajectory may be redirected by metal objects acting as “lightning rods”, thus redirecting the attacks.

    Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic, being a form of Dragon Slayer Magic, likely allows its user to consume external sources of electricity and lightning to restore their body and replenish their strength reserves. However, this won't work for lightning they produced themselves.


    • This is an extremely versatile form of magic when it comes to offence or defence
    • This magic allows the user to alter his physiology to that of a Dragon, and thus the user can eat "lower" forms of this element and is immune to this element of Lightning.
    • This form of magic is strong against water and air magic.


    • The user cannot eat the Lightning generated by his own magic, or the lightning generated by any other slayer.
    • This form of magic cannot be used for healing spells.
    • Lightning magic has an advantage against water magic at the cost of being weak to earth.
    • The user cannot manipulate external lightning, he can only manipulate the lightning he creates.

    Magic Perks:

    • The user is immune to the element of Lightning.
    • This magic passively keeps the rate of fire of neurons in the user's body high, therefore increasing his speed.

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